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30th October 2012, 12:36
Hi everybody

My dad is now struggling to use his predictable application on the Ipad (speech app) as his left hand is nearly completely out of use and his upper arms are painful and he finds it difficult to lift. Can anybody give our family advice about what communication aids to look out for whereby he only has to use his eyes? I would not know where to start!! And any prices.
Also he has not eaten in over 3 weeks now as he says he cannot lift his hand to his mouth....is there any specialised cutlery the OT can explore or arm support - maybe with a mechanism to help him lift his arm? He is only having calogen and fortisip down the PEG.

30th October 2012, 13:10
Hi paris,

Sorry to hear Roy's not too well , The only one i know about is Tobii eyegaze ,they have a website , I bet the price is eyewatering no pun intended ,but it will give you an idea , Try MNDA they would know far more ,Give by best wishes to you Dad, Mom, and of course yourself .

30th October 2012, 13:22
Thank you Pete, you always take the time to reply to my threads. How are you doing? We are plodding on, as you have probably been told by my mom that we didnt meet the criteria for CHC and social care cannot help with carers as level of support my pops needs is too high apparently - so we will keep on, night sits are the worse, up every 30 mins to an hour turning over etc but nobody wants to help us out - my mom is doing amazing, up and down all of the time tending to his every need!! His so spoilt ;)

Hope you and the family are doing well Pete and thanks again, can always rely on some sound advice from you.

30th October 2012, 14:27
Hi Paris, there was a thread on here quite recently about arm support device with a link to the website, I think it was under Equipment & Medication. If you get the info you should get onto your OT to get what you need asap as you are probably aware everything takes an age to get. I would pursue getting extra support as you really should get some help, perhaps someone at MND Connect can advise you about your Mom & Dad's rights in this situation because as sure as hell if the NHS or Local Social Services can wriggle out of supplying it they will do - rant over :mad:

30th October 2012, 14:47
i use smartnav for pc use, if possible a cheaper alternative

30th October 2012, 17:07
Hi Paris;
You can get speech software that is operated by one simple switch. I think that it is quite slow although JayBee does store sentences etc. There are many others that do a similar thing.
Just an idea, Terry

30th October 2012, 18:49

I would like to know what support and help you can offer to families like Roys in terms of co-ordinating help of their local services who frankly sound like they need a kick up the bum.The situation that family is experiencing sounds difficult to say least,no disrespect indended to Paris.
I understand that you are availble for advice just wonder if you are there to maybe fight in this families corner.

best wishes.


30th October 2012, 22:22
There was a programme called eagle eyes. It worked by photographing the retine and then eye pointing was the 'switch'. MNDA will help but consider contacting aAbilitynet. an Oldham firm called 'exclusive technology' have be always been helpful in my work with children with a disability. The technology is there.
Peter, my husband, is faing the difficultyin bringing the loaded cutlery to his mouth.. We are about to buy angled cutlery and a friend is making a plinth so that he can rest his upper arms and just raise the cutlery from the elbow. Less effort and a shorter distance t o move. I will let you know how w get on after he has been for a respite break.
I hope that you get all the help and up port that you need.

31st October 2012, 02:24
The eye gaze systems are quite expensive.

http://www.jaybee.org.uk/ using Alea Technologies eye gaze system

http://www.smartboxat.com/products/tobii-c12/ using Tobii eye gaze system

http://www.inclusive.co.uk/tobii-pceye-p5160 using Tobii eye gaze system

If the head movement is stable enough, a web cam with a dot on the forehead can control the cursor movement on a PC. This is a much cheaper option.

31st October 2012, 09:55
Hi Magic;
I like the idea about a plinth to support the arms whilst eating. It’s often the simple solutions that are the best and most reliable. I guess that you have looked at the arm supports that fit onto the wheelchair, I think that they let the arm move in a ark. There are other robotic devices to.
Love, Terry

1st November 2012, 19:12
Thanks Terry. We did see the neat eater solutions but Peter says, 'not yet'. He isn't using a wheelchair yet although, at times, wish he would. I was a bit surprised to find that each cutlery item cost 15. Still glad someone has designed then and hope they will 'do the trick' for a good while. Will let you know how the plinth idea works out.


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