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9th November 2012, 11:14
My GP got in touch to say she thought I should have the flu jab and the pneumonia one. I have not been keen on vaccines before but thought I should take her advice. I went on Wednesday, 2 days ago, feeling pretty good except for the MND. I have felt awful since. I have had a fever, loss of appetite, really sore arm and very dopey. I slept (intermittently because of the fever)) for 14 hours last night. I couldn't eat and felt very low. On looking up the side effects it is the pneumonia one that is the problem apparently. Starting to feel a bit better now. Anyone else have experience of this? The nurse didn't indicate any potential problems except a sore arm.

9th November 2012, 12:23
Hi Treelover,

sorry to hear you have been under the weather and hope you feel better soon. I too was thinking about taking the vaccine on advice,
many years ago the company I worked for requested managers to take the vaccine,for two christmas celebrations found my self in bed
ill.Having said that I know it helps a lot of people I must have been unlucky.On the upside I remember being spoilt rotten you know the man flue thing, so I hope your being pampered-just tried a new chocolate it is a dark one with chile combination and was really good.

best wishes


9th November 2012, 12:53
Hi Treelover,

Thank you for posting this one, and sorry to hear its upset you, I think some have side effects and others do not, sadly you did, not nice, I avoid any kind of vaccination, being a bloke and really can't stand needles, but had the flu jab last year, with no side effects, so prepared for this years, not getting the usual letter or phone call I didn't know if it was still available, so the wife rang and was told they have done all the vaccinations now, and the reason for no letter, they are cutting down on costs!!! ,wonder how that's going to compare treating me when I get the flu and it turns into worse, anyway good to hear your on the mend,


9th November 2012, 13:20
Thanks Roy and Pete. No pampering unfortunately, husband had to go to work! I have laid about and watched daytime TV, none of those phone calls even to break up the morning. I have had some chili chocolate , Roy, wasn't sure about it. A bit boring in my chocolate tastes really. Mind you don't even feel like eating chocolate at present. I have really lost my appetite which is normally good. I am lucky in that I don't have bulbar involvement yet so can talk, eat and drink as normal. Just can't walk very well. Feeling poorly just makes the MND seem worse too doesn't it? All the best, x

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