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12th November 2012, 17:27
I had my lightwriter today on loan from MND Association and spent the afternoon playing with it. I have choosen a voice which is much classier than mine and Yippee I can now answer the telephone in my 'posh' voice. Many thanks to the association.

12th November 2012, 17:40
Hi Joy;
They are a great asset, mine has had a few problems and life is terrible without it. They are so useful, especially if people are a little hard of hearing.
Love Terry

13th November 2012, 18:36
Hi Joy and Terry

Just started a new post about speech, didn't see this till after. Was just wondering how Bob will communicate his voice is fading fast. I will have a look at this contraption, trouble is he is not computer literate, are they easy to use?


13th November 2012, 19:17
Mine came with a tuition booklet which gave you exercises to complete. I am computer literate but the lightwriter is easy once you can type

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