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13th November 2012, 12:38
Does anyone have a tip for swallowing tablets? Some I take must not be crushed or chewed and I must take them three times a day which is difficult, there are no syrup substitutes.:mad:

13th November 2012, 12:57
Can you can swallow M&M or bred crust?

13th November 2012, 13:23
I find there are some things that make it impossible to swallow tablets. If I have anything with chocolate in it, even an hour before, then tablets just do not go down! I presume chocolate dries the mouth.
I try to drink water before taking tablets as if I take them together I invariably choke,


13th November 2012, 13:29
so maby be helpful to "coat" tablets in bread?

13th November 2012, 13:49
My speech therapist advised me to take them in a spoonful of jam or similar. The problem being, in my case that my swallow reflex is weak and it is the combination of the liquid water and the solid tablet that causes problems. Now I take my morning doses in a spoonful of my breakfast porridge and my night time ones with jam or sometimes with my supper, rice pudding is very good too I have found, Try it, it really does work and takes all the stress out of taking tablets.

Good luck, let us know how you get on


13th November 2012, 14:36
Hi Max,
I can't eat bread unless it's white without crusts, M&M are out too =anything chocalate makes me choke.
Likd Peaches my swallowing reflex is weak and the liquid plus tablets make me retch but I will try taking them with rice pudding or something soft like fromage frais. Thanks.

13th November 2012, 14:49
Or yoghurt, or stewed fruit, or icecream, or mashed bananas or a smoothie, or mashed potatoes or finally my favourite ! (sorry this is no good for those of you who can't cope with chocolate) a spoonful of chocolate spread -.yummy

13th November 2012, 15:31
Miranda - your post made me hungry!!

14th November 2012, 20:26
mum tried yoghurt and crushed tablets

you can also explore if the med is available in liquid form (some liquids are hard to swallow). my mum used to take a few hours to take a crushed tablet either in yoghurt or else in juice (freshly squeezed with thickner)

some med can be given as suppository- such as paracetamol

some can be in capusles and the meds opened and poured into something you may be able to swallow

spend time exploring with the chemist or GP re other routes of administration
best wishes

15th November 2012, 18:43
Just got a new lot of Riluzole and that are film coated. I have had a bit of trouble with the tablets melting on my tongue and the drug seems to burn or anesthetize the area. I left the new one on the tongue for a half a minute without any trouble and it slid down easier. I have been asking for film coated backlafen and riluzole for over a year know. I have been offered the backlafen in a liquid form. These tablets are Riluzole Teva 50mg Film-coated tablets, might be worth asking for if you swallow your Riluzole.
I am sure they will help some people, Love Terry

15th November 2012, 19:20
Hi Terry,

Thanks for that ,I often end up with a numb tongue thanks to the tab melting ,will ask our Chemist the next time its due, your on the ball mate .


15th November 2012, 19:47
Hi Terry,

have the same problem, having had a problem with dentists all my life everytime I take my tablet reminds me of having my teeth out,
I shall make the same request as Pete.



15th November 2012, 20:20
That sounds great about the Riluzole and I will ask about it.
For some reason I was initially put on liquid baclofen but I found it very messy and changed to the tablets

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