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12th February 2011, 19:37
Had an odd thing yesterday.
Walking hasn't been great recently but yesterday I thought I'd go for a walk as the weather was nice. After about 20-30m my calves n shin muscles just seized up and I couldn't walk. Had been for a walk previous day and walked considerably further!! (I wasn't feeling tired after the previous days walk either).
I did fall down the stairs on wed morning n landed heavy on my hand and hurt my shoulder but don't see how would affect legs. I am completely vexed ???

Any ideas as I know the mnd can't deteriorate that much in 24hrs!!

12th February 2011, 22:56
Hi G60dubber,

My thought is you are still in shock from the fall. Part of the emotional lability associated with MND. I am guessing you will be back in a few days.

I have found MND slows down muscular recovery after injury.

Best wishes


13th February 2011, 13:07
Hi Graham,
That makes sense. I was rather shocked and my confidence took a dent after it happened, especially as I nearly landed on my little girl who was in front of me :-(.

Fingers crossed I'll bounce back just as quickly.

13th February 2011, 18:32
Throughout my 5 years with mnd I have often found that I couldn't do something that I could do the day before. In most instances, unfortunately not all, I regain the ability the next day. Possibly because you're a bit tired ,or you've used those muscles more. I don't know. I never worry now unless I can't perform the function after 2 or 3 days.

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