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14th November 2012, 16:38
My support worker Nabilah has been very kind in logging me onto this forum so i can write this message. for some reason you cant log in via eyegaze. The problem is when you go back to key in the next letter in the password the password reverts to its original position. Can some techie ressolve this asap.



14th November 2012, 20:40
Hi Laurence -

Not sure that this will work, but if you ask your support lady to log in for you again and this time check the 'Remember me?' box below the login panel before clicking 'Log in', I think the system will log you straight on next time by recognising your computer, and not require your password.

Let me know how you get on.



15th November 2012, 20:43
Hi L,

Kind regards to the family. Let's hope Chicago will deliver.

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