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14th November 2012, 21:44
I have a new laptop with touch screen running windows 8 and it wont let me post using the touchscreen or new windows 8 interface. I'm using a sony duo11 but I cant see it being an different with the new windows 8 and touchscreen technology. However, I can use the desktop IE using both touchscreen and keyboard. Odd?

Just thought i'd point it out in case anyone else is thinking of upgrading to windows 8 with touchscreen (very handy when it comes to mnd and not being able to type that well).

Is this something that the site admin is aware of?


Claire McArthur
15th November 2012, 10:10
Hi Scott, thanks for posting this. This is the first time that we have heard that there are issues with Windows 8. I will talk to our forum suppliers and see if I can get any advice from them.

Kind regards

Digital Media Manager

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