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16th November 2012, 06:10
I finally got John settled at 1-15am this morning but had a very disturbed sleep with him.Just as I felt myself drifting off he nudged me to say I should shoot him for keeping me awake all night......................Damn right I should.John cant really speak and his lightwriter was downstairs.So........by the time I had worked out each letter he was trying to say I was wide awake.The time then was 5-15am.Now the question for today is...................Will I make it through the day or not.Once I am awake like this theres no going back.Guess what,hes under the duvet snoring like a good un........Oh well soon be bedtime I suppose and looking on the bright side I will get a head start on that pile of ironing xxx

16th November 2012, 09:09

Oh poor you, I had to smile though as I recognise "am I keeping you awake?" get that a lot. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not about me, but a good friend said yesterday that it is about me too and I have to keep fit and healthy purely because he's not.
Hope you get through the day Irene, lots of caffiene eh. will check in later to see if you fell asleep at the ironing board...keep smiling


16th November 2012, 10:40
Poot Irene,
I had the worse night ever - couldn't lie flat as I couldn't swallow. Sat up until 3.00a.m while hubby snored.

16th November 2012, 14:33
Hi its me again Johns slept in his chair and is still sleeping now..............Typical eh just got him up at half nine and he promptly fell asleep.Me.....well...Im still functioning I ve scrubbed my house clean from top to bottom to keep me from falling asleep,still not done the ironing but just sat down with a coffee wont keep my eyes open much longer mind.Hope you are all well today xx

16th November 2012, 17:27
Hi Irene,

the trouble with sleeping during the day is being unable to sleep at night as well. It's a vicious circle.


17th November 2012, 02:50
I hope you can have more sleep tonight. I fully understand what you are going through. I seldom have more than 3 hours continues sleep. My wife needs to be re-positioned through the night as well. I end up to spend any free time during the day to sleep. Lack of sleep leads to mental exhaustion, becareful and take care. Some of our friends did come to stay overnight to give me a good night sleep.

17th November 2012, 11:34
A Marie Curie volenteer will do night shifts in our area. Also if you have a terminal illness you are treated like a terminally ill cancer patient and have hospice care. It is cheaper for the NHS if you are nursed at home and it is encouraged in Wales, if I need anything it is delivered the same week. The District Nurse visits twice a week and the hospice nurse twice a month, the hospice doctor evry month and the OT reviews my needs every month. I see the Speech Therapist e very three months when I attend the MND clinic. We all have our grumbles about the NHS but I can't fault it.

17th November 2012, 17:34
We to have the regular hospice nurse visits and all of the above apart from Marie Curie.I slept a couple of hours last night which has charged my batteries again.John stayed in his bed watching tv today.I dont normally let him stay in bed I like him to be up and in his chair during the day,but for once I let him but only because I was so tired this morning.Its a profiling bed so hes sat quite upright packed round with extra pillows to save him falling over to his right like he does.Hes been quite happy flicking through the channels from one lot of sport to the other.I will be heading off for an early night get a bit of early sleep in case Im up more than usual in the night.Supposed to be going to a christening tomorrow but dont know what the padre will say if I start snoring in church haha xxx

17th November 2012, 22:08
Bless you Irene,
you've still got your sense of hunour.

Joybells xxx

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