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20th November 2012, 12:54
My daughter saw Stephen Hawkins whizzing about Cambridge and admired his independence until I pointed out that when he wanted to spend a penny he hasn't got to get out of his wheelchair. I'm not ready for 'Tenner Lady' yet so I have to have help each time.


20th November 2012, 13:34
Hi Joybells,

Something that may be of interest to you ,a while back Terry posted a novel idea adopted by many i think ,and it was under tips/experiences i think the post was" men only," but you might guess , our Sonia found an interesting item that may help ypu to whiz about without any worries ,one up for the ladies ,not a new idea and its available on the NHS .


20th November 2012, 14:09
Hi Pete,

I have alrady got a shewee but I can't lift myself to use it so I have to have help anyway.


20th November 2012, 14:51
[from a man]
Have you tried a Travel John? [see OT catalogues]. These are unisex, and are supposed to be manageable by both sexes [and children eg sat in the back of the car] from the same position! I always carry one for emergencies, but have never used it - so can't say how good it is even for a man. See what you think.
No help to you I am afraid - just a hewee anecdote. If I can be lifted from my wheelchair, I can still manage to stand by a pedestal. A little independence. At Clinic last week, a female nurse pushed me to the disabled toilet and I asked her to lift me up near a grab rail, and one way or another I'd cope and call her when ready.'Oh don't mess around' she said 'if you want to stand up ok, but I'll hold a bottle for you while you go'. I declined! In those circumstances, I'd still be waiting to start today!!..She was quite iffy about my decision!!!

20th November 2012, 15:54
Dignity is very important, we can't help being relient on others but please nurses allow us some decorum. Nurses have seen it all and forget about our dignity, anything goes nowdays. but I can't with someone watching and hearing me. My husband calls it 'chamber music'.:)


20th November 2012, 16:32
Hi Joybells,

Know exactly what you mean, whilst in hostpital with my fractured back was stuck in bed as still as could be for three days, hate to talk dirty in front of ladies but the thing is the number 1 no problem bottle curtain -sorted.the days went past I felt bloated then concerned didnt need a number 2 but was worried What if ? Now I have to say the nurses in the ward were good lookers of all nations-so I asked thought I would prepare myself for the big moment.Didnt help when someone mentioned painkillers promote breeze blocks. Anyway I whispered to the nurse
my concerns, she explained that 3 of them would turn me place me on bed pan roll back then whilst being held drop the bombs.
Well that was really reassuring no worries! The next day physio suggested out of bed -there is a god afterall I was wheeled on a commode and my prayers were answered. So Joybells it wasnt chamber music but I was humming the dam busters theme tune.

20th November 2012, 16:59
Hi Roy,

I'm still laughing and must remember - Painkillers produce Breeze blocks. Bombs away!!:D

20th November 2012, 17:15
Hi Joybells;
Mens bitts are not all good news but I think it is an advantage in this occasion. Please read “Men only”, as Pete mentioned and fell free to write some sexist comment. I think that you can have an operation to change your bitts if you so wish, on the national health.
Keep smiling, like me, love Terry

20th November 2012, 18:44
Hi Terry,

I'm leaving my bits as they are thank you very much.

Keep smiling that will fool them.


20th November 2012, 19:21
Hey Pete,

Real gent-" Whiz about" have to remember that one, much more polite than a phrase I use.


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