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20th November 2012, 18:02
Hi,has anybody tried olive leaf extraction.I have been reading up on it and is supposed to boost the immune system,be 400% better than vit c and will clear the body of practically all germs and parasites.

Regards Bob

20th November 2012, 20:33
Hi Bob,

good to hear from you, havnt tried the olive leaf extraction sounds good and worth a try, must try not to overdose, the coconut oil
had me sprinting ( I wish)



21st November 2012, 14:04
Hi Roy and everybody else,I gave up on the coconut oil after visitors on seeing me said "alright ginger knob "or perhaps it was Bob anyway never was a lover of it,I'll give the olive leaf a go,as nothing to lose.
Regards Bob

20th July 2013, 14:07
Hi Andrew,the one above is a spoof cheers

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