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20th November 2012, 22:31
Hi All

Bob has been for a neck brace fitted today, it's awful, we thought a nice soft cushiony thing to make him comfy but it's stiff and makes him look squashed in the face. To be fair he says it gives him good support otherwise his chin is on his chest but he can't read the paper or do his jigsaw with it on..sorry moan over...Good news is new wheelchair coming tomorrow, we have had one that I push but if I come up to my laptop he's stuck cos the brakes are on the back wheels so they are giving us one with bars on the wheels he will then be able to move himself around a little. Also riser recliner coming Thursday which is such good news, we moved his armchair out of the room as he couldn't get out of it so he's been sitting on his rollater all day (sore bones) and he rode around Sainsbury's in an electric chair today..so all in all another happy day.


20th November 2012, 23:15
HI Chrissy,

Tell Bob Im also sporting a brace this ones for my back. Its like a big girdle really supports my broken back I have to wear it for another 6 weeks. Trouble is it sort of rises up, think if I had man boobs it would stay in place-perhaps when they say grow a pair? anyway it looks really fetching.Got washed in machine now gone a shade of pink.My wonderful wife likes to really do the straps up tight to watch my face change different colours, well if that helps so be it.By the way riser recliner ace got one because of the back from my OT Bob will love playing with that, tell him to limit the use of the remote play zone for an hour tends to make me feel a bit light in the head going up and down lower and higher.


21st November 2012, 13:21
Hi Roy

You do have a great sense of humour, always laugh when I read your posts.
Told Bob about limiting time playing with the chair, he had a little chuckle but says he probably will want to experiment with it until he gets into a position whereby he can still see the tv with the neck brace on.
A little story about a lady my friend nursed with mnd. She went in to see her one day and heard "come and get me down from the ceiling please" apparently the patient had accidently raised her special bed to the highest height and then dropped the remote she was level with quite a high window and feeling quite exposed until she saw my friend arrive home from work and was very relieved to be lowered..poor soul is not with us any more but as she had kept her humour all along, don't think she would mind if we have a smile about it.


21st November 2012, 15:19
Hi Chrissy;
Sounds like Bob has a lot of new toys for Christmas, they will make life easier.
A Mnd friend has trouble holding her head vertical even with a neck brace. Does anyone know of a head brace that could be used in a reclining chair.
Regards Terry

21st November 2012, 16:22
Hi Terry

Bob also has trouble holding neck vertical, also noticed in his wheelchair he is tilting, I was hoping the riser/recliner (coming tomorrow) would hold him a bit straighter, is that not the case?

21st November 2012, 17:56
It should help a little especially when reclined but there is no real head support for side to side. The chairs are great for helping Bob stand. My friend uses a neck brace and when travelling, the brace and forehead are strapped to the head support on the wheelchair. I guess that a frame could be made to fit around the top of the chair with a couple of small cushions either side to provide support.
Fortunately my neck muscles are still quite strong.
All the best with the new toys, Love Terry

21st November 2012, 18:05

We found the best way to hold Irene's head in place was a feather cushion behind her head in the recliner chair and then when tilted back her head was held in place by gravity. Her head simply sank into the cushion which then provided gentle support.


22nd November 2012, 11:06

Thanks Terry and John, waiting very patiently at the moment for delivery but the weather down here is attrocious, flooded roads and gale force winds, this afternoon it's expected to be howling at 80 mph, hope the driver gets here safely.
Meanwhile I bought in a chemist a soft collar for 4.15 it's a lot more comfortable than the Miami J which is very rigid, we know it doesn't offer the same support but it is a little supporting at the same time he can still move his neck slightly enabling him to still do his jigsaw and read his paper and as he can't move side to side with it on it might just be ideal for sitting in the riser/recliner. Will try it out and let you know


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