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21st November 2012, 14:28
Used my new bath lifter today. It took a while to work out how to get on (The chair has no sides or armrests) but we used my turner to get on and I hung on to hubby while he swung my legs up and into the bath. A switch lowered me into the water and bliss, a good soak at last! Much more relaxing than a shower with a swivel chair fitted over the bath. Now who used all the Radox?

A very clean Joybells

21st November 2012, 15:03
I am very jealous Joybells. It’s been a long time since I have laid down in a hot bath. I do get a bath at the hospice but they put me in a chair that I can’t lay back in. Also being fairly tall means that you need a very long bath to relax in. Enjoy your relaxing time, love from a very smelly Terry

21st November 2012, 16:45
Bit early with the bath joybells it's not Christmas yet! Regs Bob

21st November 2012, 16:51
Hi Bob,
it's not even my birthday.


21st November 2012, 17:04
I know how you feel about a bath,when I was in respite they gave the choice each morning of a bed wash,shower or bath.I experienced all 3 and I must say the bath won hands down, previous to fmnd I always had a shower.
Regs Bob

21st November 2012, 18:21
John has been using a bath lift for a while and really missed not being able to lie back and have a good soak and relax. So now I lower him into a nice bubble bath, he slides forward and I pull the chair out so he can lie back and have a good soak. then I pull him forward, slide the chair under and help him back onto it.
He loves it and the joy in his face is worth the extra effort.
He's in there at the moment while I'm on here - I stay close by in case he needs me quickly, but give him a bit of privacy too.

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