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27th November 2012, 16:57
I had never heard of MND before I became ill and like a lot of people I thought that a person in a wheelchair plus inability to talk equals stroke. People don't realize that -

1. Your not deaf so there's no need to shout.
2. Your not brain damaged
3. You can understand so there's no need to address your carer.
4. Your still a person with feelings

One of the neighbours talks to my hubby about me when I'm there so I have programmed my Lightwriter to say. 'I not deaf or stupid and I can communicate - TALK TO ME. I can't wait to meet her again! This even happened in the MND clinic with a volunteer who should have known better. How do other people handle these misconceptions.


27th November 2012, 17:11
well said joybells we get that all the time people often look at me and ask.....Is he alright.........John usually types out "Im not brain dead you can ask me if you like" they then say "OH goodness he can talk I say yes and guess what he can understand too xx

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