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1st December 2012, 19:48
Peter was advised my someone with MS that it was inadvisable to eat blue cheese. He enjoys a chunk of this each day after breakfast. Has anyone heard of this and do you think it is applicable to MND?


1st December 2012, 19:58
Hi Gerry,

I have been eating blue cheese - no problems.


1st December 2012, 20:16
Hi magic,

I feel certain that if you looked hard enough you would find reasons to not eat much of anything , as with most aspects of any condition, firstly if he enjoys it, and he has been eating for a while with no ill effects ,why not carry on god knows so many things get ruled out ,but I have just checked my diet advice book and there is no mention of anything negative about eating any cheeses other than mucus problems may be caused. did the person not say why Peter should not eat it ?i for one would be a very grumpy bunny if I had to give up .


1st December 2012, 20:23
Thank you both for prompt reply. Love of cheese is a great way of keeping his weight up. He's still in denial but it is great to put his minor fears to bed. Peter still does not know what happens on the later stages. He has enough coping with fatigue and big deterioration inland function.

Thanks again


2nd December 2012, 10:23
Hi Magic
Until I was nil by mouth , the boss made some delightful home made soups (she is compiling a recipe book) and the ones I liked most had Stilton in - eg Broccoli and Stilton etc.
Go for it !

2nd December 2012, 12:41
HI magic,
I enjoy soups from a blender chuck in all sorts of veg heats it up and bingo -sweet as a nut. the soup Rory mentions is one of my favorites,also good for friut smoothies.Sounds like Rorys better half could go into buisiness, good luck to her.


2nd December 2012, 17:12
I am happy to ask Irene if she can arrange to send the recipes to anyone who wants then and may find them useful. Send a PM if need be.
She has a black belt in cooking - one of her chops and you are a goner !


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