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3rd December 2012, 17:05

I was wondering if anyone uses a cough assist machine? If so, was it difficult to get hold of one and has it been useful? I saw that Sheffield University have recently completed a study about the potential benefits of this type of machine but i have not been able to find the results of their research.

My mum has als and has a cold that is rapidly becoming a cough. She is no longer able to cough properly and it is really exhausting and horrbile for her. Other than standing around with tissues and water it feels like there is nothing we can do to help - hence i started wondering about the cough assist machine..

Thank you

3rd December 2012, 17:39
Hi Rainbow ,
My wife had one which never seemed to help her produce a cough but others here have reported them to be useful I seem to recollect. getting hold of one was easy as the lung specialist at North Tees simply gave us one to take and try on Irene's 1st appointment with him at north Tees hospital.


4th December 2012, 09:11
I had one brought to me quite awhile ago by an O/T...negative experience as my bad cough had passed so I didn't feel the benefit. I was told it was being used by someone else so took a week to get hold of it but im in kent maybe better availability in other areas. i could see it may help others....arrived a..tad dusty and grubby not the o/t! But the cough assist...positive though I got a nice face mask to keep should I need it again :)

4th December 2012, 19:31
We've had a cough assist machine for my husband for 3-4 years and find it invaluable. We use it if he something gets 'stuck' in his throat or if he has phlegm. Ours was provided by Stoke on Trent ventilator unit, they come and swap it every now and then to service it together with the ventilators of which he has 2 as he's on ventilation 24 hours a day.

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