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4th December 2012, 20:54
have You sow this movie ???
have you hear this silly joke about Lou Gerig disease (als) ???
i found this is not funny

look like someone decide to swap all time movie disease (HIV) to ALS.......
this make me crazy..............:mad: :mad: :mad:

4th December 2012, 21:28
saw this when it came out, loved it!!. I personally had no issue with any of the jokes, he had one about pretty much everyone & everything, even cancer kids if I recall.

It caused huge furore when released but ALS got massive airtime n free awareness out of it, bad publicly travels farther & quicker than good. I'm sure millions of people actually heard of als / learned more about it because of the film, imho

I'm sure many won't share my thoughts, but many did when this arose when the film was 1st out.....

4th December 2012, 23:09
think your right Aide never saw the film but it did attract media attention and a couple of debates anything good or bad news leads to awareness -saw the film being advertised on dvd releases.


5th December 2012, 10:39
ok You are right.......

5th December 2012, 16:51
hi Max,

maybe but you also had a very valid point.


6th December 2012, 10:19
Hi All

I have to say I haven't seen this movie but the 'humour in disability' thing is always debateable , I think it's down to the individual. Just recently we watched Michael Macintyre, he does this joke about blue badge spaces and went on saying that you expect to see someone falling out of the car then dragging their legs to make themselves move, all the while he is doing the actions, I looked at Bob expecting him to say that it was sick....do you know he was silently laughing with tears running down his face and looked at me and said 'that's so true', It's a bit like when someone falls spectacularly and lands in a ridiculous position most of us find we have to stifle a laugh.

That seems to be the key laugh and others will laugh with you.

I'm not laughing at the moment, maybe post what's been going on bit later, things might look better by then


6th December 2012, 11:25
morning Chrissy,

Big hug-will get better.


21st January 2013, 10:16
Yeah i watched this movie 3 days ago, was an awesome movie enjoyed a lot.

21st January 2013, 14:20
Hi all
Have not seen the movie but you have to laugh - we have enough not to smile about!
I have no voice but when i try to get a point across by gesticulating, my wife often says to me " that is easy for you to say that !"
We both have to laugh - although I try to encourage her to keep a straight face when she tips me out of the wheelchair!

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