View Full Version : Forums not user friendly to novice!

5th December 2012, 10:09
It seems a strange system that dictates I have to make 5 posts (I think!) before I am even allowed to look at the profile of someone who has sent me a friend request... Why is this?
So sorry Northern Star, I Am working on it, only just got the GCSE I think and clearly I need a degree in the subject to use the Forums properly!

5th December 2012, 10:23
Hi logtallali,

Welcome to the forum, Sorry you find the rules a bit odd, they are there for good reason, the one you mention is simply we have information about people's lives on here and it's not For freaks or spammers eyes, So having to post. A few times isn't such a hard task, to safeguard us members, but still we get our fair share of idiots, so may need making a bit more secure as time passes?, sadly not all visitors come here for the right reasons.


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