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9th December 2012, 20:25
Hi folks, Peter has been using the King of Shaves razor but he now finds it difficult as his hand function has deteriorated. Has anyone any suggestions for an electric razor that is easy to grasp, light and very effective?


9th December 2012, 22:03
Hi Magic

We are having the same problem, don't get the Braun series 3, I paid 49 that was supposed to be 1/2 price but we don't find it very good. We have resorted to me wet shaving him, not pleasant I don't enjoy it at all and niether does he. Just wouldn't want you to waste money as we have done.


9th December 2012, 22:57
Hi Chrissy and Magic.

I have used four different brands of shavers, I have found the 3 head philips models have given me the closest shave,have found them easy to use-I am still able to shave myself,we have done a practice run just in case my wife bless her managed to shave off my bradley wiggins sideburns with ease-which caused steam coming out of my ears.

tell Roy and spread the love.

10th December 2012, 06:54
Thanks folks,
We will hit the shos today. No point in doing it on line as he has to feel the wight of it and be able to grasp it. He has reused to let me shave him so far.

10th December 2012, 08:42
Hi Magic
Mic uses a Philips three head shaver, the Nivea one that you put shaving lotion into. He says it's the best electric shaver he has ever had and the closest to a wet shave - I did offer to wet shave him but he says he doesn't trust me with cold steel in my hand :D

10th December 2012, 14:17
Sweeney Cath Aaaaaargh When Pat trimmed my sideburns she did them lopsided I had to tilt my head a bit to one side to make me look normal until I got back home,she was killing herself laughing, Regs Bob

10th December 2012, 14:27
Bought the Phillips 3 head one that let's use use shaving foam, fingers crossed!


10th December 2012, 14:30
Thinking of Peter ( good luck matey) take it nice and easy Magic -try and relax.

10th December 2012, 15:43
Hi Magic, just make sure you give the triple head a good rinse under the tap after use cos the heads get a bit bunged up with the whiskers and shaving gel then it doesn't shave as well.

10th December 2012, 16:07
I taught my wife to shave me, much quicker than struggling yourself

14th December 2012, 15:53
Just to let you know. Peter is alive and relatively well. His face is as smooth as a baby's u know what. Bought an Phillips aqua shave that can be used with sharing foam. He is shaving himself so still no practice for me. Thanks for all the advice.


14th December 2012, 21:32
nice one Magic,

I'm in dog house grew tash for November and have got quite attached sort of a Freddie mercury look(no its not ginger bob) so I guess it will have to go for Christmas. thing is cant do many of the manual tasks these days and needed something to do! Thing is with this iPad thingy keeps doing a better job of spell check than me it should read Movember.

15th December 2012, 14:28
Hi folks,
Different problem but I had surgery for carpel tunnel on my right hand earlier this year and so grew a beard while I waited for bandages, stitches to go. Decided I quite liked it so kept it.
This would offer a solution. Go to hairdressers for the occasional trim (gives him something to do for his money). I ought to change my avatar. I am not looking as wild as Terry but getting there!


15th December 2012, 16:32
Hi John,

Great idea,also could dress up as Santa since its Christmas,still in dog house with tash now from daughter!

15th December 2012, 17:09
Really do not relish the scratchy face! Do any of you men indulge in a barber's shave. I suggested this to P and he was not very positive.


15th December 2012, 17:30
Hi magic,
Did consider it once,saw the Sweeney Todd film with better half,bought her a barbers cut throat for Christmas,last year was an ironing board cover,not going to make that mistake again!


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