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12th December 2012, 19:32
This is a copy of my post on the 'Living with MND' forum

During my husband's short time with MND we purchased, with grant assistance from MNDa, a Carony wheelchair system. - Carony 12 with Caroslide Electric seat runners
This comprises a wheelchair and a carriage system which was mounted in the place of the front passenger seat of our car. It was an invaluable piece of equipment which allowed us to get out of the house every day - right up until the day he was admitted to hospital.
The system was easy to fit (and remove) by the mobiliy conversion garage and is in excellent condition with all necessary fixtures & fittings. To find out more just Google 'Carony System'

I have advertised via the local Association and have contacted the MNDa Wheelchair service but have not managed to find anyone who would like it. I am sure there must be somebody who could make use of it - the only cost to them would be to collect it (Stockport, Cheshire) and to pay for it to be installed. It cost 4,800 new and we were given a grant of 2,000 so I would like to think that it could be 're-cycled' money!
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