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14th December 2012, 10:17
The thread I started on this topic on 1st Dec - and why - produced 18 or so helpful suggestions, so some may be interested in and helped by a solution found for me by a nurse recommended by my hospice. It's a Beambridge Funnel its purpose and position being self evident.Size matters as ever and funnels come 4 sizes [I'm saying nothing ] which connects to a tube and reuseable disposal bag. No measuring, [lol] no 3rd party intervention. . Used last night and my thoughtlessness produced mixed result. I thought I could use it until emptied but no. After use, a valve closes to prevent leakage, so a second attempt was a bit of a disaster. The answer is to run two bags at once. The whole system is available on prescription.. From looking at the website, it looks as tho there may be a female version too. Mel

14th December 2012, 11:46
Hi Mel
good to hear your new kit is working but , really can't wait for the comments from Roy and Robert ?


14th December 2012, 13:13
Hi Peter and Mel, glad to see you have found a solution,Pete have no idea what your implying with Bob and I certainly would do my utmost to refrain from any degrading remarks about this serious subject matter.hey Pete just got me new iPad it's grrrrreat! No more spell check problems and a good friend set it all up and didn't take the piss once!

14th December 2012, 13:29
Hi Roy,

Yes NICE a subtle one but nice , whats up with our Bob , and what app have you got on the ipad for speech ?

14th December 2012, 15:31
Hello peeps, Beambridge bottle bag, been through this,it was a district nurse job,she ordered it via OT.It was delivered to our local chemist.
Pat went to collect it and the chemist,who had a grin on his face, ask Pat to check it.he said we have these on the shelf in stock but being this big must be a special order with which Pat and all staff burst out laughing.
Anyway she arrives home still laughing. Well when I saw it I said you can take that back I ain't a bleedin orse! to which Pat replied your not even a Shetland pony,anyway it's a rubbery blue thing just like a tap single shower hose attachment.We then had to get the hose and bags from our OT.
I have not tried it yet as I am too embarrest to send Pat back with it to ask for a bigger size. Ahem!

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