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16th December 2012, 14:49
Has anyone tried a gluten-free diet - and if so, has it helped? Also are there any really useful supplements to try? It would be good to know if anyone has noticed any improvements after trying a new diet or taking a supplement. Thanks in anticipation.

16th December 2012, 15:47
Hi Joydy -

Take a look here (http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?381-Are-there-any-viable-treatments-available-in-the-world&p=2549&viewfull=1#post2549) (from 4th post) and here (http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?1715-vitamins&p=12185&viewfull=1#post12185) for some info that's already been posted by others. If you type relevant keywords into the search box at the top of the page (eg. supplements, gluten, vitamins) and click 'go' you will see a list of topics containing those words displayed. You then have to sort through them, but there's a lot of info and personal experience to be uncovered this way.

I'm sure also that the members here will be pleased to impart advice from their own regimes, and how they have got on with them.

Best wishes,


16th December 2012, 17:26
Thank you Mike. I think I will try my husband on some gluten-free food to see how he gets on with it. I will also look through the many supplements and then 'have a think'.
Best wishes,


16th December 2012, 19:07
Have a look at 'Re advice or coping strategies' (http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?1955-Re-advice-or-coping-strategies&p=13773&viewfull=1#post13773) to see what Hawkings does

16th December 2012, 20:11
Hi Joydy,
If you are up for a lot of supplements take a look at the Deanna Protocol (http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?2111-Deanna-Protocol&p=14920&viewfull=1#post14920).
It appears to be gathering strength and if you decide to give it a go you will get help from an American doctor who devised it to help a daughter suffering from this disease.


21st December 2012, 13:26
Thank you all very much for your thoughts. My husband has been quite poorly over the last few days, so I have had to put everything else on the back burner. However, I do find the forum a great source of information and comfort. So again, thank you and I hope you all have a happy Christmas.

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