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22nd December 2012, 11:46
Has anyone heard from Computatec aka Clive and Elle aka June , I have not seen any posts from either of late , just hoping they are both ok ?

22nd December 2012, 11:57
hi pete just wondering the same so looked on members list and clive shown viewing 16th dec so relieved on that .forum family .not having a good time last couple of weeks as sufferers.hope they hurry up and get a move with this stem cell but sadly wont help hubby with bone cancer as well .just having milka chocolate on tassimo machine so tell your wife its delicious! love .caroline x

22nd December 2012, 12:27
Hi caz,

Well good to know Clives about even if he isnt posting, but concerned about Elle she was not having a great time of it when we last spoke so just hoping she is OK, and go easy on those drinks ,we need some left for us to try ? ,How was the cake ??


22nd December 2012, 12:53
hi pete, it was delicious ,daughter works in cake shop so get the best!mind you had ham roll for lunch and broke my tooth!!!! so i ran (well sort of) straight round the corner to the dentist and had it fixed with temp filling until thursday in half an hour.other daughter works there so as the old saying goes "its who you know" certainly came in handy yesterday lol.caroline xx

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