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23rd December 2012, 00:12
from new year some company from Czech republic arrange new and cheaper version of "our" Rilutec this be called
"Riluzol PMCS" or some stranger names like on this website


all happen because patented production time is finished so all another pharmacist can makes this now.

23rd December 2012, 00:42
Hi Max,

See you have been busy again,I wonder if anyone in the NHS and MND forum are aware of this opportunity to reduce what must be a Huge chunk of expense for very little improvement of quality to life. Maybe the money saved could be used to help a new bunch of Boffs with new ideas to develop something to make a real difference.I know what your thinking I am just dreaming and things really aren't that simple?

23rd December 2012, 01:13
and again You 3x right
byt i posted this cos all my European friend say.... for neurodesise its not safety to change you medicaments even new supply have same ingredients.
price.... Sonofi cost around £1500 this new one £500 for 28 days treatment.
sonofi charged more cos he developed this treatment and now new makers don't have this cost.

conclusion.... when miracle happen and well be have cure this be cost nhs £kkkk for one treatment

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