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1st January 2013, 01:40
Happy New Year to you all.

Just got back from a New Year Party in the village. Had a five course meal with wine and cava at midnight, a few dances and made until 01.45 before I called it a day. If anyone had told me I would do that when I was diagnosed in July I would never have believed them. This f*****g disease will not get me without a fight. For those of us still able, let's say onwards and upwards for 2013, aim for the stars and we might just hit the sh*t house roof!

Good luck guys


1st January 2013, 04:10
That's the spirit Keith !
Good to read your post - I have just got over a chest infection (2nd one) and I have enjoyed a good family Xmas and my brother and his wife came over for Mew Years eve. Not feeling great still and a lot less lively than you it seems - ' nil by mouth' and nearly ' nil by legs' ! But still had a few laughs and sometimes it is good to forget that you have this unique 'membership' !
Remember - life is like a **** sandwich - the more bread you have the better !
Take care - remember you started earlier than us !


1st January 2013, 11:36

hope your feeling a bit more comfortable today, suggest you read a very useful thread on relaxation it might help,try to avoid the sandwiches,tried them bu tthe truth is there not for me,

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