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10th January 2013, 04:40
Peter now has a mobility scooter but, unfortunately, has been too unwell to try it out yet. He really enjoys travelling on trains and I wonder what other members' experiences of taking scooters on trains may have been. Any comments or advice?


10th January 2013, 14:51
Hi Magic;
Ask you network. I have tried in devon, they would take one if my wife could load and unload it. I was not allowed to drive it on-board although if I was in my power wheelchair I could. If Peter can get on the train himself then I think it would be possible.
Give it a try, love Terry

10th January 2013, 15:41
I found each Network had different rules about what would be allowed. Wheelchairs were ok but scooters varied, the type of scooter did not seem to matter - a portable scooter or a large road scooter were treated the same. I was researching a trip and in the end gave up! Do please let us know how you get on,


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