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Jacqui Priestley
16th February 2011, 18:36
All, I see from this week's pubmed listing that Prof Shaw's team have published an article on the role of mitochondria in the pathogenesis of ALS. Can anyone access the full article please? Would love to read it. Alternatively, anyone have Prof Shaw's work email address?

Cheers, Jacqui

The role of mitochondria in the pathogenesis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
Duffy LM, Chapman AL, Shaw PJ, Grierson AJ.

Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, S10 2RX, UK.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal neurodegenerative disease characterised by loss of upper and lower motor neurons leading to muscle weakness and paralysis. Despite recent advances in the genetics of ALS, the mechanisms underlying motor neuron degeneration are not fully understood. Mitochondria are known to be involved in the pathogenesis of ALS, principally though mitochondrial dysfunction, the generation of free radicals, and impaired calcium handling in ALS patients and models of disease. However, recent studies have highlighted the potential importance of altered mitochondrial morphology and defective axonal transport of mitochondria in ALS. Here we review the evidence for mitochondrial involvement in ALS, and discuss potential therapeutic strategies targeting mitochondria.

2011 The Author. Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology 2011 British Neuropathological Society.

16th February 2011, 20:41
Can't find the doc at the moment but found a lecture from Pam Shaw regarding oxidative stress, which as I understand is part of mitochondria. Don't know if this is of any use.


16th February 2011, 21:07
Hi Jacqui

I think you can only see the actual scientific paper if you are a subscriber of the journal in which it is published. The abstract is used for indexing and searching puposes so other scientists can find the information, so it only summarises the content of the paper.

Mitochondria are found in all cells in the body and have many important functions and are also involved in other cell processes such as cell division and growth, as well as cell death. Coenzyme Q10 is said to nourish the mitochondria but after trials in ALS found no benefit, interest in Q10 has waned.

One of the problems we have with Q10, Vit E etc is that altough we can get them into our blood stream they do not cross the Blood Brain Barrier into the spinal canal, where the neurons are being damaged. Astaxanthin, which is a very powerful antioxidant, is able to cross the BBB where it may be able to do some good.

If you read up on stem cell therapy there are two methods of delivering the treatment. One is to inject the stem cells directly into the spinal canal and the other is to use a drug to transport them accross the barrier without injecting into the spine. Glucose is able to cross freely for example.


17th February 2011, 01:14
Hi All,

Another paper on mitochondria from Prof Nicolson who has studied ALS too.


I ordered Propax and NT Factor over two weeks ago and still has not arrived. I used International Air, bad move.

Best wishes


Jacqui Priestley
17th February 2011, 11:23
Boy, that's going to take some reading, Graham, I'm an accountant by trade!! Anyone on this forum a biochemist/medic and fancy offering an online course in basic biochemistry/neurology? My son is studying chemical engineering at Bath & has sent me some useful stuff but it's been 30 years since I took A-level sciences.

17th February 2011, 11:32
I started to read and then felt the same Jacqui !!, can anyone in the know precis this for us non qualified peeps?

17th February 2011, 20:02
Hi All,

The key items are in the last section describing chronic illness. Whereas anti-oxidant supplements were not proven to impact fatigue, Propax with NT Factor was proven to impact fatigue. The uplift was 2 points on the fatigue scale of 10.

I have my Propax today and shall let you know its impact on me. I'd say my fatigue level range is 7-9.

Best wishes


17th February 2011, 20:17
The statements I have found sound very encouraging in relation to Propax improving fatigue. I couldn't find a UK supplier, so presume you have to get it shipped from the states?

17th February 2011, 22:50
Hi G60dubber,

The USA only under 'Iherb' dare I say. Royal Mail charge an 8 handling charge on top of import tax, so DHL and Fedex seem reasonable.

Best wishes


17th February 2011, 22:54
yikes, it didn't appear to be a cheap option for a months supply let alone import tax and shipping on top. What price do we pay for our health.... hopefully it will be available in the uk soon

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