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21st January 2013, 16:16
Does anyone have some snow chains for my wheelchair. I thought that it would be OK on ice having a motor on each wheel but it just goes around in circles. I was thinking of getting a spare set of wheels and putting some spikes in them but my wife was worried about our wooden floors and carpets.
Scooters are a bit more fun on snow and ice but be careful because you can turn them over.
Boys and toys, cheers Terry

21st January 2013, 16:30
Hi Terry,
Get the snowmobile out,all that hassle feeding the reindeer and that big sleigh, it makes sense!

21st January 2013, 16:37
I've never tried this but I was wondering if a few cable ties round the wheel (through the spokes and round the tyre) would give me a better grip on the ice. Have a look at this chair when I first came across it I thought it was a joke http://tankchair.net/store/tank-chair-store
Your wife would have even more to worry about

21st January 2013, 17:02
Hi Arthur,

Very nice,also you could use this to go through Tescos discreetly to buy the groceries.


21st January 2013, 17:07
This might be more up your street Roy. I'm not sure about Tesco though. Suspect the aisles may not be big enough!!



Not sure about the snow chains on this one but I would think it would be possible!

21st January 2013, 17:16
Hi John,

Yep right up my street, thankx.

21st January 2013, 17:26
I think that cable ties would do the job Arthur but I will ask the wheelchair service and the Mnda to fund a Tank chair first. They look great. Guess you get plenty of snow where you are.
And John, I expected something like that from Roy not you. I could try the top gear hopper gritting system or there flame thrower ice melting idea but not indoors.
Love Terry

21st January 2013, 17:29
I have been told off for speeding in Tescos after crashing into a basket being used by one of their .com shoppers. With a tank chair they would be too busy running for their lives to bother telling me off

21st January 2013, 18:04
Hi guys
I have put skis on my wheelchair and the wife pulls me around from pub to pub. It helps keep her trim as well !
As for Tescos have you tried their horse burgers - Irene said do you want anything on them - I said put a 5 each way and by the way -they're off !

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