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10th February 2013, 21:15
What's become of your mate ,our Roy, it's been a couple of days since we heard from him ,is he on secret mission maybe ?:confused:


11th February 2013, 00:11
Good point Pete

I haven't seen any of his cryptic clue comments - it is something of a morning crossword trying to decipher his messages !
Up here in Surrey , the wind from the west is just starting to pick up - perhaps he has woken up after another curry nite with the boys.
If we don't hear from him, there is a good chance we will smell him !

He is bound to come back with some abuse now after our sympathetic and caring comments !

How are you Pete - still good I hope. I read in one comment you made, you live near Cannock. I used to play in a hockey tournament there at Cannock every year for about 6 years - good club.

The trees are rustling, I think Roy is on the move !


11th February 2013, 12:20
Morning Rory,

Yes don't live to far from the cricket and hockey clubs , so didn't know you ventured into these parts, I am somewhat perturbed by our mates disappearance ,but as the news came on many possible reasons came to mind, first one was he was up in the mountains in Scotland, leading the party in the blizzards, but then several more possibles out in some remote part of Mali negotiating peace with the Nutters out there, or the strongest has he been called to take over from the pope !!., what's your views,

11th February 2013, 13:36
Well Pete - you have certainly come up with some possible reasons !

As for the blizzard - well he may have caused it just to let the jocks know he is there - I had better warn my son in Aberdeen.

Turning to the negotiating with the nutters, I think he will blend in quite nicely and start to feel at home - he will need to to alter and amend the banners fron CND to MND

As for taking over the Pope, he may just be testing out the strength of that contraption they carry pope around in. I think he was contemplating using one at home from the lounge to the loo instead of a hoist.

As your first message said , he may be on a mission. He told me not to tell anyone that he is in the SAS ( Sanatagen and Slippers) regiment - oooops now I have told you , you will have to watch your back !

Look out on the news for any embassy hostage situation - Roy is bound to be on duty, balaclava and crutch at the ready.

Stay on alert mate


11th February 2013, 13:43
Rory , have just noticed our Roberts back on here , maybe it's worth asking him if he has seen a guy on a jet ski doing a dell boy , around the bay where he lives ?


11th February 2013, 17:20
Big Bob
Have you seen Roy on manoeuvres , or on anything for that matter in your part of the world.
We think he has gone undercover which could be dangerous with his backside admittedly !

Lock doors and windows, he may be armed with a take away curry ,fully loaded.

Hope all is well mate


11th February 2013, 17:26
I sent him a message on Facebook .... Getting worried now .....hope he and his jet propelled backside are back soon. I miss him.

11th February 2013, 17:58
hi lolly and pete have also pmd him on build ! love caroline xx

11th February 2013, 20:12
I think he is playing hard to get !
Does he take his lap top in the loo ? He may be locked in !
Volunteers to go in and search please.


11th February 2013, 20:43
Hi Everyone,
Well it's been a stormy journey the last few days( not what you are thinking) went to west Wales to stay with
friends, drinking eating cards and reminiscing. Run out of supplies needed to top up, went to a well named supermarket
not mentioning any names, they sell horse burgers,anyway thought I'd have change from curry,bought booze all rots of nibbles
then I saw finest meatballs in sauce,I can report they were the dogs *nuts*. Thankyou for your concerns and great to hear
big Bobs back.

Best wishes as always .


11th February 2013, 20:49
Hi Roy
Good that you are back from whatever you were doing. Eating cards ? You are a diamond geyser - king of the clubs - with a heart of gold - and you call a spade a spade !
You are really am ace guy

Ok I will pack it in now and shuffle off


11th February 2013, 21:07
And always the joker Rory? Sounds like a good deal ;)

11th February 2013, 21:13
Hi Lolly
Can't stop long, we have a full house at present.

11th February 2013, 21:42
eating cards Roy....I hope you had a clubs sandwich..geddit? They were being mean about ...that's a man thing and it means they really like you....us ladies however, were really worried about you....
As for your dog's bollo do you know the joke about the man going into the bakery and he says:
how much is that gattox in the window?' and the baker says ' that is not a gattox, that is a gateaux and it is 25'
and he says
bolleaux that's too expensive for me
I'm not great at telling jokes....but you get the idea!
Happy that you have a good time in Wales and that all is well with you

11th February 2013, 22:11
BB - club sandwich ! Great comment to warm us up during this cold snap.
As for the joke, I suppose a pair of bolleaux could be a good trick to have up your sleeve !

11th February 2013, 22:23
Hi Rory, BB,

Good to be back, nice subtle remarks as always.
Liking the card innuendos, makes a refreshing change from the fragrant curry jibes.


11th February 2013, 23:32

We haven't forgotten the hot flush followed by a run !

12th February 2013, 12:58
Phew - glad to see you back Roy but the boys (and some of the gals) have been keeping our spirits up during your absence. Hearts of gold!!

12th February 2013, 15:33
Allo my friends,I'm still about but like you's could be better.We went to Kent and attended our daughter's wedding that was a very magical affair.I would have put a couple of photos on but forget how to do it(help appreciated) Anyway Roy so you've been sheep shearing in Wales ave you boyo,nice to see you back.
Pete your right about Rory resembling that bloke on cowboy trap,only difference is our Rory's a good looking boy,and not forgetting you ladies,hugs and kisses to you all. Warmest Regards Bob. ps hope your now winning Graham.

12th February 2013, 18:05
Hi Bob,
Great to see you back,glad to hear you and Pat had a great time with daughters wedding,
just wondered if you wanted to borrow my wellies their still warm from use in Wales.

You take care.


12th February 2013, 19:55
Hello Big Bob, ,

Glad things went well after the long trip, hope you have recovered and back in the main seat !. Things got a bit fraught last few days Roy wandered off on one of his trips, without telling Rory, as you can Guess Rory was beside himself as where we all, As you can see he came back yesterday , much to the relief of the ladies , many of whom posted on Facebook , and the Dark Side Forum to try and locate him, thinking he had come to harm , but it all ended well and with you back things hopefully will return to normal ,not quite sure what normal is . Won't ask the annoying question mate ,just hope things are as good as they can be , love to Pat.


12th February 2013, 20:35
Hi all - amazing posts on this thread " Where's Wally" !
Roy , don't go off without permission again - if you suffer with MND you know you aren't allowed any holiday - and certainly not to Wales.

The phrase ' Ram Raiding' takes on a whole new meaning down there in Wales doesn't

Good to see Bob has returned to normal duties after his wedding and hospice visits . Any resemblance to me and and any DIY project is out of order - just ask the wife. She once asked me to put a picture up in her old house when we first met. The drill went all over the place and it ended up looking like a serving hatch. Never again , she said , and for once I didn't argue !

Take care all


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