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25th February 2013, 15:51
Hi,I'm newbie here and may be wrong place to post this thread here.I like swimmig.Swimming can get you feel good in the water.
A unique designed swimming pool is a wish to all.However once you have selected to make a pool, there are so many concepts that stroll in randomly.Now question is that me and my wife deemedly think on which type of swimming pool will be suit for my home.We want to suited it in our garage.

Which one will be easily and econmically installed...abover ground or inground...???
Your quick reply will be valuable for me.Thanks.

25th February 2013, 16:36
Hi Andre,
We have both an indoor and outdoor pool,the indoor is just 100 metres in length we find it much warmer in the winter,we have it warmed to
About 20 degrees not too hot, we tend to have the 200 metre swimming pool covered in the winter it's great in the summer.as far as price
The indoor one was more expensive but the wife insisted in using the finest marble from Italy and really refined heating system.
You have come to the right place as one of the members known as Rory is a specialist in swimming pools, you may have seen him
Diving in the Olympics, he was Tom Daylers partner who is hair challenged.

Hope this helpful.


25th February 2013, 17:08
Hi Roy,

It's only my view but I would go for one in the ground, mind you it's going to be a bugger getting the car in the garage after, and wish you all the very best with this project, as Roy has said our man Rory is the most qualified in this area, and I just know he will give you the best advice possible, he isn't cheap by any means, but you get what you pay for


OBTW it was 10,000 metres

25th February 2013, 17:17
An inground pool in the garage?? Is that a European thing??


25th February 2013, 18:05
CC yep...
You going in to the closest river bank and drilling the hole and insert you IED then after mowing all yours belonging on to 2 floor and after 24h you have big swimming pool in you garage.....and surrounding area...

25th February 2013, 18:21
Hi Guys,

I get the impression you are not giving serious thought to poor Andre's plight. There is only Max who has come up with anything sensible so far.
Incidentally Andre if you are suffering from mnd you may wish to discuss your prognosis with your neurologists before you start investing too much in a pool. Roy's suggestion of 100 metres may be a little OTT. I would await a sensible response from Rory on the subject and follow his wise words - he is after all a banker.


25th February 2013, 19:05
Find this so interesting, so if the pool is in the garage, where is the car? in the backyard? LOL


25th February 2013, 19:17
Hi CC,

Surprised you don't have one already, the company is nearer to you than us and my garage is oblong ,pity because all the pools are round or oval, You Know getting a pool was high on my list , but well we can't have everything .


25th February 2013, 19:27
The pool I have inside is rectangular,the one outside is an oval shape,it makes a nice back drop to the tennis courts,
Can you recommend a good quality ride on mower for golfing greens.

Many thanks

25th February 2013, 20:20
Hi all

This poses an interesting issue for all members.
We first built one of our pools in the garage and when not in use. , we turned the temperature right down so it froze over and that way we could park the car. If there was to be a big freeze the you automatically save on air conditioning costs. With my mathematical banking brain I worked out that it pays it's way after 40 months of non use.
If sited in the garage, you dispense with falling leaves as well - an obvious advantage - unless you have an open top garage.in that case cut the trees down .
To save further costs on our outdoor pool we close two of the four lanes and empty them of water when not used.

Our diving boards we an initial problem in getting the wheelchair up the stairs. When opened I performed, in front of a large crowd on the opening day, one of my specialist dives after being tipped out of the wheelchair - two somersaults, three half flips, a pike coupled with swallow like entrance (all without a safety net) only to realise that the pool hadn't been filled up yet ! There wasn't a dry eye in the house ( mainly as we were outside) only a dry pool.
Lucky during my Para regiment days ( I was in the Royal Foot and Mouth brigade) I learnt how to break my fall , so apart from split speedos, no damage done.

I hope this gives practical hope for any of us wishing to install an Olympic length pool and diving area . When thrown in at the deep end with these problems it is best to pool our knowledge.

Can't get enough of breast stroke these days !

Tip - if you don't use it at all, you minimise the risk of drowning. If in doubt consult your local lifeguard


25th February 2013, 22:27
omg i have just had a much needed laugh over this thread.thankyou.cc has cottoned on that the origonal poster is most definitely not being taken seriously!.love to all .caroline xxx

25th February 2013, 23:31
Interesting thread, the question over in ground, or,above ground, economics is a crucial one. I reckon if get one above ground that would be cheapest principally due to size. I think just enough room between bed and landing, maybe get a few ducks as well. Then there is the added advantage of an automatic dog wash before entering the bedroom, but then there is the added necessity of an automatic dog drier the cost of which might be prohibitive. Hope that helps.

25th February 2013, 23:55
Hey Laila
A good point made about pets which I had obviously overlooked .
An indoor pool is therefore recommended as it would deter any strays using the pool without permission.
If sited outside the pool could cause problems especially if it starts raining cats and dogs !

Sorry for the oversight- i did not intend to duck the issue.

Roy and Pete may have some comments with their outside pools? Do squirrels wash their nuts in the pool ?

Best washes


26th February 2013, 14:09
Watch them pikes Rory they can be viscous bar stewards.

26th February 2013, 15:05
Hi Bob,
Good news Rory is on first name terms with hundreds of bar stewards,and also many big bankers.
Hope your view improves soon Bob with a bit of welcome sunshine.

Best wishes.


26th February 2013, 16:58
If anyone is thinking of having a pool dug for their garden, just a thought, we have a big hole on our garden which would not be too heavy to transport - saves digging another one. All you have to do is fill it with water when it arrives. buyer collects.

Contact Nettlebed contractors


26th February 2013, 23:21
Rory, Just wondering if you have hit on something very profound here. If you sell one swimming pool hole that would leave another larger one behind to sell on - and so on to infinity. This could be the start of a huge self perpetuating swimming pool business! On the other hand could be the start of a black hole. Oh dear looks like I've had too many G&Ts.

27th February 2013, 01:00
Laila - I like a lady with a business brain ! Do you know one !
Your idea is just the inspiration I need. We could sell the holes by way of cubic capacity , that way they would fit into any space and the depth would vary.ie you could have a deep well on one hand and on the other a large shallow puddle (safe for babies)'
The transport of the hole would be covered by insurance in case of accident or theft and it would also be covered by a tarpaulin so as not to get water in it if it rained,
Keep on the Gin - you can't have too much but you can have too little !

If business takes off we may need a large field to warehouse the holes
We may need to get our ducks in a row.


27th February 2013, 02:16
Just thinking if we had this business in pools then there is a spin off in duck ponds? Thinking restaurants and hunting parties. Mind you the latter would need health and safety assessments which after 10 volumes of procedure and two years work would probably make it unprofitable. one for Andre to sort out.

27th February 2013, 16:31
Good ideas - keep them coming !

I think we ought to embrace other forum members in this business to make it float

Tracey Hunt - for the Hunting parties and Stag nites

Petal , Rosie and Crocus in *charge of flower arranging

Matt and Carpet Rug in charge of non slip flooring

Mogg in charge of pets

Lou,Looby,Lolly, Luce and Laila in charge of Lilos*

Katie would be in charges of rubber rings and air sun beds and sell them with air in them .
We can then charge inflated prices !

Roy to could organise organic self propelled Jacuzzis - with piped music in the background - 'I'm *forever blowing bubbles' .We could rent him out for parties?

Roy also to promote take away food called 'Cash*and Curry'

Keith could do Time Share sales in the Costa del Crime

CC could test the USA market (cc'd into this thread)

And with your time out in Egypt , Laila, you must have experience of Pyramid sales techniques ?

We need to find roles for Pete and Big Bob - any ideas*

Any other volunteers ?

Rory and Laila@pools4fools

Andrew can take a leaf out of our books and also take the leaves out the pools!

27th February 2013, 16:50
Inflated prices.... very good Rory!

As a new forum moderator I already feel like I am in at the deep end... :rolleyes:

I suppose I'll have to live up to a moderator's reputation and stop any running / diving / splashing! ;)

27th February 2013, 21:06
Inflated prices.... very good Rory!

As a new forum moderator I already feel like I am in at the deep end... :rolleyes:

I suppose I'll have to live up to a moderator's reputation and stop any running / diving / splashing! ;)

Does this mean heavy petting is allowed Andrew?:D

27th February 2013, 22:06
I see you have a Labrador - we had better make sure petting is allowed !


27th February 2013, 22:24
We do indeed Rory, and he's way above me in the pecking order chez Harris. As I type this, he is laid outstretched on the back of the sofa above me snoring his head off & chasing rabbits in his sleep

28th February 2013, 18:09
Sounds like the missus !

9th March 2013, 01:22
Hi Roy
Just a quick question I have for you .

When you are in the jacuzzi , how do know if you have switched the jacuzzi on or off ?

It must be difficult to know



9th March 2013, 08:07
Hi Rory,
I must apologise, for I feel that I have taken over your thoughts.not quite sure about you thinking
about me in a jacuzzi,no I don't have one,no your right I don't need one.
Are you going to twickenham on Sunday I'm looking forward to the match,England are in the driving seat.

9th March 2013, 09:54
You are probably sitting in the bath now listening to one of your favourite home made tunes. Think of the electricity you save !

I think the Italians might prove a harder task than we think
Just had an email from a mate who is going for 5 weeks on the forthcoming Lions tour - jealous or what !

Have a good weekend and hope for a Chelsea victory on Sunday - another good game to watch


27th March 2013, 16:22
Hi all swimmers
In view of the recent adverse weather conditions and the frequency of the White precipitation , there are a few offers and ideas for your swimming pools.

If you are lucky as Roy, you can swap the outdoor pool for the indoor one - that way the outdoor one will be warm enough.

There are some spare holes for sale (outdoor only ) at knock down prices - demand has slowed during the past weeks - don't know why ?

Super sale offers - shallow end only , 15 metre high diving boards

Indoor pool leaf clearer- left handed - one careful owner, hardly used

Self propelled Jacuzzi offer - contact Roy @ Nettlebed.buubblesrus.com

I will keep you posted on further offers as the weather dictates



27th March 2013, 21:03
Considering the original inground versus above ground pool economics question, a flash of inspiration is for a tilting pool option to the bedroom! This can then convert to a ski slope or bobsleigh run under current conditions with the added attraction of being able to launch the dog into the garden without going downstairs. Return of dog back upstairs via ski lift might make costs prohibitive.

27th March 2013, 23:43
Certainly with a tilting pool we can then think of skiing if frozen over and then more use of the ski lift.
I am a bit concerned with the Health and Safety issues with all these visitors and pets to your bedroom

Surfing in the warmer weather is another option.

Laila, with your experience of G&Ts you could be in charge of the new bar called ' On the Piste'

To get this initiative off the ground,(or in the ground) I will surf the net to look for any holes dog (I mean dug) on sloping ground. I don't know what size to start with - I will have to fathom that out!

If we extend the restriction of the pets to include larger animals we could name the site ' Only Pools and Horses' ?

How many does the bedroom take if we remove furniture ?


29th March 2013, 00:51

More business opportunities! Does this require a bank loan? And is a business plan required? More than happy to run the bar 'on the piste' if someone provides the alcohol. Hic. Though dog launch into garden sounds attractive appreciate the H@S issues especially if local cats are seen on downward journey. Thirty foot leap into neighbours garden to chase cat might cause issues which needs a full risk assessment.



3rd April 2013, 06:58
No loan required but I am sure there will be interest in the pool in your bedroom. All that is needed in the business plan is how we get the pre dug hole up to your bedroom.
The only problem with you running the bar is , can Gordons produce the stuff faster than you can drink it !
As most MND sufferers will be using the pool, we don't need to worry about health issues as there is none. Safety is a different matter as the shoot for the wheelchairs will need to be robust - we may need to put a speed limit on.

As for the pets - we can insert a claws in the contract !

The ski run will be classified as a 'blue run' that will overcome any red tape

All you need do now is build the bar !

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