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2nd March 2013, 13:30
Hi all,

Is it just me but why the dickens(note the polite and respectful phrase) do we have to know (god bless her) when
her majesty the Queen of Britain has the runs.I would be personally mortified if for example people were aware of
Myself having this problem or even wind.The BBC really need to have a word with itself I mean what's going to be
reported next?

2nd March 2013, 14:44
Calm down,calm down,what if she was visiting your place and was sitting on your best chair you'd wanna be prepared,wouldn't you Roy?
Roy have you ever broken wind and messed yourself?

2nd March 2013, 16:09
Hi...peeps...for all our sake's please don't answer the above question Roy!

2nd March 2013, 19:44
Bob and BB
I think we know the answer to that question. The question could have been phrased - " Dearest Roy, How many times have you followed through ?"
Sometimes Bob, I don't think Roy even bothers with foreplay, he just messes himself !
He wonders why the queen does not want to visit him !!
A Royal flush springs to mind.

I hope the Queen doesn't get wind of this thread.

Rearguards to all


2nd March 2013, 19:48
Do you think the queen has a closemat or bio bidet or servants who oblige?


2nd March 2013, 19:50
Pick up the nearest corgi !

4th March 2013, 08:29
For goodness sake,BBC are at it again going on about the Queens bottom flue( would have used the correct term but spell check mis understood me so it's not that clever) yet again,it's enough to make you suffer from paranoia, I can empathise with her majesty with the
Media discussing more delicate issues.Now if the Queen needs tips on this condition I would recommend practice in the game of Dam
busters, the game evolves clenching of the buttocks and puts you in an advantageous position to control the motions and emotions.

God save the Queen.

4th March 2013, 14:09
I don't know about Dam Busters - it sounds more like a 21 bum salute !


4th March 2013, 20:00
Hi Rory,
A bit too quiet on here today,just one nutter first thing,got terminated while you were zedding, just wondered if it was something
you said or I had eaten?

4th March 2013, 20:22
Hi Roy
I think they have found a cure and no one has told us two !
On the subject of the BBC news, when they reported yesterday on the Queen's health, they also brought up again the subject of the Duke's previous bladder infection - now that is taking the p....!

If the forum has a new virus , that may be down to you and your Asian diet mate. Of course, if the BBC got hold the story,no doubt it would be blown out of all proportion!

What was this mornings deletion all about then - swimming pools again ?


I've just heard on the news, obesity, alcohol, junk food, unhealthy lifestyle should lead to diabetes. How come I got MND then? I feel I have missed out.

4th March 2013, 23:32
Roy, Pleased to inform you that the queen has now left hospital and was taken in her Bentley to Buckingham Palace. Thought that might raise a smile?

5th March 2013, 00:26
Hi Laila,
Thankx for update me and the Queen will be retiring to the throne.

God save the Queen.

5th March 2013, 00:42
Together ?
That would make a splash all over the tabloids !


5th March 2013, 17:26
Hello All,

Well have to admit ,can understand HRH going into hospital , having just managed to stop vomiting and worse, I know never a good time to have a bug of this kind, but really do strongly advise any of you, who have not had this one around at the moment to try your level best not to get it, It is by far the worst I have had in my life, how much this is down to suffering MND and all it's complications , because nothing has ever took me off my feet, and made me feel so weak, the wife who is normally very resilient to most things, succumbed to this with equally bad results, Sincerely hope you don't get to find out , and give HRH my vote at her years, she is a wonder getting over it so soon.

as far as the other news, watched the leader of the NHS prove just how out of touch they are with what really happens in the real world, and the best of all Was Listening to the Biggest Banker of all Bankers justifying the rest of the Bunch of Bankers getting bonuses even thought it was both morally wrong and certainly nothing to do with results , Well the rich get richer on the backs of those who let them , the only good news was UKIP kicking the rears of those smug up themselves Tories , DC wasn't upset but then again why should he be , whatever happens he will get his pension ,sooner the better ,

Rant Over , still feel rubbish, wish you all a good day


5th March 2013, 17:43
Hi Pete,
Hope you feel more comfortable soon,seeing that NHS scam or should I say scum,no wonder MNDA were unable to help or make any
Impact on the way we are treated in hospitals like every institution they are a closed shop.What sort of example does he set to the rest
of the managers and medical staff,no respect or accountability.
Still a good football match tonight,lets see how sir Alex plays the referee tonight.


8th March 2013, 19:24
Hi Pete

Hope you ( and the boss) are feeling better mate. Sounds a nasty one - not that I could hear it .
Not much in the news to cheer us up and not much in the weather !
Let's hope for a few threads to get the crew scrambling and back to 'happy banter mode' !


8th March 2013, 21:08
Hi Rory,

We had a scramble situation this morning, but the crew weren't available. Pete and I had a few posts this morning on that until the bandits post was removed by the moderators, hence our posts this morning on another thread - the Daquan Gibson post. The bandit posted a link which looked like a phishing thing. Unfortunately not as funny as the swimming pool.

9th March 2013, 02:09
Hi Laila
I read the editing excuse as it was the dog that needed more wine.
Have you tried Crufts Original Sherry ?

Sounds as if the bandits get up early on their raids on the forum

All forum and rum for all !

Current height and position - 6 foot plus and sitting at the front of the plane.

9th March 2013, 03:15
Hi Rory,

The bandits were high this morning (some hacker xxxxxxxxx ) but only Pete and I to deal with it. Pete threw a serious wobbly. Crufts was good. Wine consumed but dog (Freeda) had to make do with meat treats instead leaving more wine for me !!! Well better than the pregabalin medication stuff that the powers that be think might be good. Gee whizz. What use are those damn pills?... Beats me.

13th March 2013, 22:03
Hi all

This thread started with the news - HRH , sickness , hospitals, Crufts , sport etc. I was just watching an advert after the news this evening for Yorkshire Tea - you know the one with the big red cup and tea pot and the planes flying over .

Next time you watch it - just listen to the noise of the brass band and the 4 aircraft flying over - remind you of anyone Roy ?!!!

14th March 2013, 12:34
Hi Rory,
Yes I have plenty of memories of Glen Millers fabulous music,the melodies are fantastic.

Best wishes,


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