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2nd March 2013, 21:40
**REDUCED*** We are now selling this for 500 and we will have it refitted for you. Need a quick sale!!!

We bought a stairlift last May for my uncle, who was diagnosed in April last year. He only used it until July when he became unable to get out of bed. He passed away in September and we need to sell the stairlift as it is no longer required.

When he was able to use it he found it extremely useful and very comfortable. It is a straight stair stairlift designed for 13stairs. We can arrange to have it refitted if needed.

It cost over 3000 when bought new last year, we would like to sell it for 500. We know how expensive these things can be so want it to go to someone who can make good use of it.

If you would like to get more details etc, please email me on jess_simmo@hotmail.com

Thanks all


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