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2nd March 2013, 23:39
Hi. I need some help with advice for my Mum. She was diagnosed just after Christmas but things seem to be moving fast. I now need to get her a tablet or ipad so I can get the apps that will help. Have heard that 'speak it' is good but is this only available on the ipad?
To be honest, I am falling apart and am trying so hard to be the daughter I know she needs me to be.
Sorry to sound so sad but can't believe this is happening to my beautiful Mum.
If you can help about the ipad or tablet situation I would be so grateful. I need to get this right for her.
Many Thanks
Rach x

3rd March 2013, 00:16
hi Rachel,

sorry to hear of your Mums progress is quick, As far as I am aware, the Speak It program is for IPads only, and it is excellent , there are quite a few on the forum using it and I find it both easy to use and as good as others much more expensive, bear in mind she needs to be able to use her fingers to input text , but considering its a touch pad based system it is very forgiving and has spell checking and loads of space for stored phrases and she will find it very user friendly , MND is very hard to come to terms with, but like the rest of us on here you will find you ways to cope and deal with it, any help or advice ask away .


3rd March 2013, 09:49
Hi Pete,
Thanks for your advice. Am going to pop down to Currys to see if I can get her one. Praise the Lord for credit cards!
Am hoping we will be able to have some fun with it and give her some ridiculous stored phrases to use.
Cheers Rachel

3rd March 2013, 14:07
Hi Rachel, after advice from Pete and Rory I already had an ipad but have downloaded Speak it for my husband, who still has a voice but it is getting weaker. We like you felt it would be good for him to get used to. It is very easy to use and you can have some fun with it, Hope you get on okay but I am sure that the boys will be able to help with any problems. Regards Diane

3rd March 2013, 20:50
Hi Diane,
Thank you for replying. Luckily you are right and it is easy to use. I'm not the best with things like this! The kids have been having fun as I'm sure you can imagine. Having looked through some of the posts here it certainly does seem that 'the boys' are a great source of knowledge..............and humour. ;)
Regards Rachel

3rd March 2013, 21:58
Hi Rachel
Now you are ipadded up - letthe fun begin
Mum will soon get used to it , if she can wrestle it away from the kids !
Others around your mum will learn to be patient fro her reply, comments and allow her to keep up with conversation.

Hope all is well


5th March 2013, 22:37
Hi Rory,
Oh yes, the fun has certainly begun! At least we can all have a laugh. Not as much of a laugh as I had reading the updates on here about our majesty and her health issues! Really good to laugh.
Mum's coming to stay with me on Thursday for 4 sleeps. Woo hoo. Am really looking forward to it. She is in Kent and I am in Dorset but I seem to be juggling work, my family, kids, dog and hubby (guess which one needs most care) and get back to Kent every other week to be with her. Will be a real treat having her here. She can't drink wine anymore as it makes her choke but we have found a pint of strongbow goes down a treat! At this rate I can see us landing up on the park bench drinking special brew.
Take care
Rachel x

5th March 2013, 23:05
HI Rachel, I have tried out Speak It on the iPad and like it. It's been fun programming it with some phrases for my dog, such as 'where's the cat' and 'Rabbitttts!!!!!) shame there isn't cat sounds, but can get those on YouTube :D which drives her wild. Hope you have a good weekend. I'm going to order in some crates of strongbow.

6th March 2013, 01:03
Hi Rachel
Don't forget to take the empties back , it will pay for the petrol.
Remember - the more you drink, the more you save !


7th March 2013, 00:27
So glad I am not the only one with that motto Rory ! Good luck with the strongbow Laila. Please don't blame me for any hangovers .
Rachel x

11th March 2013, 09:20
Hi Rachel and Laila
My advice on hangovers is - don't sober up - it does not hurt then !


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