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3rd March 2013, 17:49
No it's not Edna Everidge,it's a company called possum controls that through my OT Nhs are going to fit a switch that I operate by turning my head to the side which in turn operates a mini type processor with icons which will allow me to call and answer the phone ,operate my rise n recline armchair,operate the Tv. turn on a lamp etc.plus a buzzer to call Pat when needed.
No Rory n Roy it doesn't do what your thinking before you ask Regs Bob

3rd March 2013, 18:48
Hi Bob
An interesting gadget!
If it doesn't do what Roy and I are thinking , then we might as well wait when 'version 2 ' comes out.
Before I commit to buying one, just one question. With regards to the buzzer for Pat's attention - it is a long way to Thames Ditton, would she be happy with the travelling?


3rd March 2013, 18:58
I dunno about that Rory she complained of sore feet and blisters when I gave her permission to visit our daughter in Merstham Surrey and that was only after the first 100 miles. I had to buy her a new pair of plimpsoles.

3rd March 2013, 19:07
hi robert,my robert had steepers which is just another firm.to start with he had it pinned to side of chair so ho could knock it with his leg.he used it to operate tv n chair,and a pager as i only worked about 100 yards away.the first time it went off i shot out the school ran round the corner really worried and the bugar said,just checking it works!!!!! i said some very unlady swear words i can tell you lol.then he had it as a switch on the floor to tap it.never wanted phone or door because in his words ,why bother i dont want to talk to anybody!!! i do miss his dry sense of humour.its only been less than 3 weeks but feels like forever.love caroline xx

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