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6th March 2013, 14:53
Watch your BT package it's no longer a renewable contract,you have to renew anually,you can do it 27 days in advance,
crafty buggers done us for 8.odd.
Mmm,that means I can only have haff a massage,now what do I choose,top or bottom half?

6th March 2013, 19:09
robert you are a naughty boy,wifey will be sorting you out for your cheekiness lol.i emailed virgin media to try and downgrade from 81 pound package to lge on services and they said it would be 63 pounds.but new customers pay no where like that.probably going to look at sky or freeview as think my 40 a week wage is needed on more essential items.what a world eh ? lots of love .caroline xx

6th March 2013, 19:49
Hi Cazz,hope things are getting easier, Pat knows I live in a dream world, Warmest Regards love Bob x

6th March 2013, 22:31
well still in a fog really.watched some video of rob yesterday from our daughters wedding last year and i was crying in 30 seconds!my son in law had put music,peter gabriel the book of love as the music and i was a gonner.everyone who has seen it doesnt last much longer even non family members.but the thing that got me when i listened to robs speech i didnt recognise his voice.he had worn a mask continually for the last 4 months and thats all i can remember.thats sad isnt it.trying to sort out tax papers bank etc im completely overwhelmed so trying to deal with only one thing a week.love caroline xx

7th March 2013, 12:26
Hi Bob
Just had the feet and legs massaged - it may not cure MND but it certainly helps start the day !
Now for the rest of the body ! come on therapist.
Caz - you know us men - we are bound to leave a few items of unfinished paperwork and hidden passwords just to make life interesting for you ! Stay strong and hope each day gets better for you

Rory x

7th March 2013, 12:35
Hi Caz,

Really not surprised your finding things a bit difficult and the memories will be painful for a time to come, just try to sort out things as and when your able, all the silly bits of music and hearing others say things will all have your emotions all over the place, just get a day at a time and you will find it eases, easy to say but difficult when your feeling at your lowest, but you will reach a stage when the good memories force the bad to the back of your mind , after all that's how we all want to be remembered , I know you will overcome this, considering all you have had to deal with , I wish you the strength and all our best wishes to you and the Family.


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