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8th March 2013, 18:43
Had to look up the spelling....of PEG! not really it was the other word, anyhoo can you recommend a good medication for this problem. My sis has immodium and also diarolyte and is trying diaralyte.
Which is better..or is there something else. It would seem that the overnight feed is causing it. Also I am returning to my original worry of too much weight loss
thanks in anticipation of the replies ..

8th March 2013, 19:35

I find Prunes, All Bran, Curry, Guiness , pea soup all good for diarrhoea . Not forgetting a hose down before the summer hose pipe ban comes along !

8th March 2013, 20:17
Hi Debbie,

Just wondering out of sheer ignorance about the PEG and what it entails, with to when you have to feed ,but would it not be possible to omit the overnight feed, as i say I have no knowledge about this whatsoever, but providing you feed in the day why is there a need to carry out overnight feeds, As you know I still manage to eat most foods via the old fashioned method,but I have never eaten food past nine at night apart from nights out but as a norm tried to rest the digestion,would like to know the answer, if you manage to get one.


9th March 2013, 11:09
Rory, I would have thought that all the items you said would make the problem worse, I thought you needed binding foods, or is it the opposite if you have food through a peg?
Pete, the overnight feed is the main thing she is taking and she says it has helped her because she used to get more feeling sick if she took feeds during the day....so she is having this and then water and juice ensure or whatever it's called, rather than the milky ones because she finds those make her feel sick, during the day. She is still having a go at eating foods that she can, but obviously she doesn't get much nourishment from these because the amount she manages is miniscule.
Your baby grand daughter is absolutely beautiful, such a lovely smile.

9th March 2013, 11:28
Sorry - mis read the title of the post - I thought My diet was good to get it going ! Like a good blend of strong bleach ! Only joking - back fired !
Let me know if you find a cure other than a cork !

I split my feed in two - one early in the morning and one in the evening. All in one may cause the sicky feeling as it is quite a heavy feed.


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