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15th March 2013, 21:39
i have my laptop from them and now i have big problem.......this laptup have 3-4 y and was used around 8h a day so its litle bit ....... and now my touch pad started making some strange movements so question.....

they we still have support from AbilityNet and we still have chance to take a loans equipment from them?

16th March 2013, 09:12
Hi Max,

Sorry cant help with information about ability net,wasn't aware of their services this maybe useful for many on the forum
so thankyou for that,as for movements mine looks a little like the Zombies in the Micheal Jackson video thriller.
Hope you can get your gadgets and bits and pieces sorted,living in the sticks( countryside) amongst other things I
have a challenge with broadband. People have suggested I move to Thames Ditton.

You have a great day.


16th March 2013, 10:42
Hi Max,
Irene had a laptop and special software to enable her to operate it with a move of her head from ability net. It gave her a simple means of communication for a time. We returned it to them after her passing. I did hear that the mnda were no longer using them as suppliers but I do not remember reading why. Presumably you still contact them for support and someone will tell you the next step. If it is just the touchpad and everything else works is iit possible to work on using a mouse. I use a wireless mouse which connects via a USB port and cost about 20.


16th March 2013, 10:59
Hi John...
yes you right i her this news about ability some time a go so this is why i intrest this on forum.
i cant use mouse... my hands problem.
so nee different solutions. Look like need make a call.
P.s. i know ability not supply any more for mnd around 2y now. and around 1,5y a go i have some problem whit laptop and this time look like all equipment from then haven't any service or helping hands cos i spend more then 2 days to solve simple problem whit them. Maicrolink (his IT specialist) want me to pay for his service.

16th March 2013, 12:17
Morning Max,I can still just about use a mouse with the on screen keyboard that's accessed through all programs then accessories then ease of access then on screen keyboard,It's a bit slow typing messages but sitting here it passes the time.Max how is the deanna going?

Regs Bob

16th March 2013, 17:16
deanna.... going.....and gone... cos have some hart problem and we try find what's going one.
my hart rate was ridiculous sometime and is possible cos AAKG
but soon going to my doctor again and we be trying to fix this problem.

20th March 2013, 11:45
I work for Cambridge Online, a charity helping people living with a disability to use computers. We are also AbilityNet partners, and you can get free advice from them on 0800 269 545. They also host an organisation called IT Can Help who provide volunteer support for people at home, and you can access this service on the same number. www.itcanhelp.org.uk www.abilitynet.org.uk www.cambridgeonline.org.uk I hope you get your computer and mouse sorted out with their help!

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