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17th March 2013, 09:06
Hi everyone...
i fighting whit some idea and need some advice when You have any....
since a beginning of my sickness and all my problem Im so happy to have all Yours and all help from MND and all different association.
some of You know im not original British so I have some close relation to another MNDa look like association in Poland called Dignitas Dilentium ( http://www.mnd.pl/en/ )
I know how good we have here and how much brave people fighting hire.
I know 2 how taff life can be abroad and I can't imaging life in Easter Europe whit MND on you shoulder.
so so I decide to do something more and need some info...
have You know some place when i can go to bay some second or third hand even wheelchair, scooters, pressured matters?
i want bay some by myself and donate this for real people from Dignitas Dilentium.

BTW I know eBay so I just asking for some more place cos I know sometimes people have access to bay some good stuff
from care home or hospital or know auctions time.

17th March 2013, 09:57
Hi Max,

That is an honourable mission and task to help your friends,it doesn't surprise me as I know you have a generous heart,
I'm not sure how and where to find such items,but will have a look.


17th March 2013, 10:35
tx Roy.

17th March 2013, 11:27
Hi Max,
Here is a link to an international website linking buyers and sellers


. I haven't look at any of the adverts but hopefully it will give you a useful source. Are you looking for as much as possible or just equipment for 1 friend?


17th March 2013, 12:52
Hi Max;

Do you know how you are going to get things out there and collect them here. There is a national freecycle site which is split into regions. I am happy to ask on there for items for a charity and you could do the same.

I believe that he defective items from the equipment store get scraped, a big waste as walkers often only have a broken brake cable. I don't think that you could get your hands on these but it might be worth a try.

Let us know your ideas, love Terry

PS. It is right for you to ask and I will help you where I can

17th March 2013, 13:19
Hi Max
Marvellous gesture on your behalf - well done mate.
I hope the links and suggestions provided above are of great help.
I am sure the MNDA will also provide some help here as they are in touch with all members and some equipment may come their way surplus to requirements ?

Best wishes


17th March 2013, 14:08
Hi again Max,
The last link didn't seem to have much. Some wheelchairs here though.



17th March 2013, 14:25
hi all...
spoken whit Polish moderator and there more important are cough assist machines and pressured matte.
i found some on ebay and i know most are collect in person so look like i be need driving for picked up
and my plan is collect and driving to people home whit directly delivery.
and plan.......i dont have a loot spare but on ebay sow some pressured matters for 150-200 from third hand.
and first plan... help how much how possible and now look like.......have enough for 3-4 mattress

yes you right sometime its just new plug need to be refited and job done. have many story like this from my old job. I know 2 loots of people from Dignitas Dilentum be more then happy to refit this plug and us all unit.

from MNDa........help how??

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