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21st March 2013, 14:43
Just listened to a report on the radio, regarding the use of a placebo as a means to an end, the one example was given that of a patient who turned up week after week at the doctors convinced he had a terminal condition, in desperation after exhaustive tests nothing was found , the doctor wrote out a prescription, saying to take these for two weeks and see the outcome, two weeks past and the patient had recovered fully, what wasn't revealed was the medicine given was nothing more than an inert compound , Why it worked or was it indeed justified to do this ,but all that really mattered was the patient was well and over his symptoms,
Have to admit It got me thinking as to what is in the majority of tablets we take daily for hundreds of conditions, at the end of the day we trust the doctor to prescribe the right treatment he in turn trusts the phamacist to dispense the right drugs, he in turn purchases those drugs, but can we really know for certain that we take in our pills is what should be in them ,how do you know?for certain your taking the real thing or just a placebo,
The one that springs to mind is Riluzole, our only drug, expensive and safe to say that no one knows if it works or does nothing at all, as you cannot run a dual life one without and one with to see if indeed there is any benefit to taking a very expensive pill, to date i have not heard anyone saying they had noticed any difference and many cases of people surviving a long time without any treatment at all , so is it right that a Doctor can prescribe you a sugar pill that has no effect whatsoever ,whilst letting you think your taking a valid drug.
And what if any tests are carried out on pills we take to certify they are indeed the real thing even more reason once the patent expires and pretty much anyone can produce a look a like pill in a nice box but is it really what we think it is , must be getting paranoid , but this subject really got me wondering as i still believe that the mind is a very powerful weapon when it comes to facing challenges.
We know for sure the body does fail, but can you delay the progression down or halt it just by having a strong belief in the medicine you take, or the vitamins you take or is it just down to your luck ,,at the end of the day whatever works for you is the only thing that matters.or is it ?

21st March 2013, 15:05
Hi Pete

Can see your point of view in that we are all different and some things will work and others will not. Positive attitude must play a part in that alone can relieve stress which can be the catalyst for many illnesses.
You have got me thinking about what is in the drugs !
Has Rilutec been tested for horsemeat ? It could be the reason for Roy's trots !

Cheers mate


21st March 2013, 15:44
Hi Pete

Like most things in life you have got to trust some people. I think most of us don't think doctors can cure mnd but have got to believe that we get what it says on the pack. Everything in the pharmaceutical industry, I like to think, is strictly monitored and so what is produced should be consistant everytime. Having said that it is big business and there are lots of things produced and sold on the internet that the media claim are not the real thing or can include impurities. If a chemist wants to boost his profits presumably there is nothing to stop him shopping on the internet for less expensive drugs from overseas. Where ever there is money there is temptation and lots of human beings are weak and tempted by extra profits so there cannot be any guarantee that it doesn't happen. Hope that feeds your paranoia suitably.

By the way did it say if the guy got a refund on his prescription charges?

Have a good day.


21st March 2013, 15:49
Hi again Pete,
I am sure I read a post by you on the fishmate12 thread welcoming and asking about the supplements but it never made it to the front page and now seems to have disappeared! It seemed harless enough - you haven't been upset the moderator have you?


21st March 2013, 17:44
Hi John,

Would I upset anyone , no I didn't post matey sorry must have been another person.


21st March 2013, 18:47
Hi Pete,
I'll have to cut down on the wine at lunchtime especially now George O has bumped up the price.



PS what I read wouldn't have given offence.

21st March 2013, 23:59
Hi Pete I certainly agree with you on the power of the mind. In my case it has completely floored me sometimes with panic attack like symptoms in the past. I just to need to find the reverse positive effect now!!! Phew some form of instant Nirvana, or natural constant high would be good. Mm would save on the cost of G@Ts and I could throw the Valium away. Maybe all I really need is a magic pill, some chants and a shaman!!!!

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