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22nd March 2013, 21:15
Any advise, dads got pbp. His speech is deteriorating at a steady pace and his swallow is not too bad, but he cannot taste anything this he finds as frustrating. But is this part of mnd or due to medication which there are a lot of. Any ideas forum of wisdom?:)

22nd March 2013, 21:48
Hi Summer;
I still have quite good taste although my wife might disagree. My pallet has change making some fairly normal things nearly impossible to eat. Anything a little tart is like i'm eating a whole lemon. Also I find it hard to move food around my mouth meaning that the food does not sometimes reach the right place on the tongue to taste it properly.
He might still get pleasure from seeing and smelling the food, good luck.
Love Terry

23rd March 2013, 00:30
Hi Summer
I am a PBP member for 3years. The swallowing turned more to choking after about 16 months. I feel the taste of food and drink altered and not because of drugs. I felt it more with drink - a good glass of wine tasted awful - what a waste !
I still sip a small quantity pf liquids (against GP orders!) and I do taste the drink still , but eat always through a RIG (for the last 8 months)

As for getting pleasure seeing wine and food adverts and smelling the cooking at home - forget it - i find it torture !
Even the wife's cooking !


23rd March 2013, 11:54
Hi Rory;
Your'e right about wine, I find it hard to drink a lot of them because of taste but it does not stop me, just slows me down.
I meant the comment on seeing and smelling food might still be a pleasure for Summers dad who still eats but can't taste it, and not for you.
I stayed in the hospice again recently and in there was a friend with Mnd. Like you he had most of his food through the peg, I had a full cooked breakfast and offered him a smell every morning, does that make me a bad person. We did have a good laugh though.
If you have got it, flaunt it, I probably won't be able to eat it soon.
Reading your post about your wife's cooking begs me to ask, did you always find her cooking a torture or only just recently. Just seen edit, always och.
Love Tell

23rd March 2013, 17:15
Hi Terry - Ino issue -I knew what you meant by the sight and smell of food.
As for the wife's cooking - she has a black belt in cooking - one of her chops and you are dead !
If I want to defrost a pizza, I just get her to breathe over it !

Oooops, I feel a thick ear coming !



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