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27th March 2013, 09:03
hi look like soon we be started our remont so now is question....
can someone can tell me how expensive is scaffolding rent for end terrace house whit garage and sun room detached?
need windows replacement and found some excellent(i hope) suppler for triple glazing whit U-0.7 and 6 cavity profile for friction of UK price( on this moment 9 windows+2 franche doors and entrance doors ~4k) but need sorted out delivery (installation i trying from manufacture and don't know price.....jet) and this scaffolding.
we have in plan making outside wall isolation ( this is possible to do on cavity wall?) so we be need this scaffolding 2 but still can't find pricing in net so...? any idea??

27th March 2013, 10:53
Hi Max,

Have a look here:-



27th March 2013, 11:14
hi Max,

hope your keeping well, It's been a while ,but we used both scaffold and powered access equipment a lot when I was working and none is what I would call cheap !!, fixed scaffold is quite expensive as it involves quite a hefty labour in both erecting it and removing after the works done ,so it's a matter of you working out if the money your saving on the new windows ,justifying the money you will have to spend paying for fitting and the scaffold . Just be very wary mate, there is an awful lot of very cheap and nasty products out there , That look good but in the long term don't last , if it looks too good to be true ,then it possibly it ain't that good, back to scaffolding most companies need to come out and survey the site before they give you a cost for the job. Check their insurance cover a must matey !!!!. All the best Max hope you get sorted


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