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29th March 2013, 13:27
Just got my new Automatic feeder and automatic drinker 4120 in total :)


29th March 2013, 21:11
Great, how are you getting on with it.
Regards Terry

30th March 2013, 07:41
Hi Terry

Im getting on with them very well thanks

it took a bit of time at first and getting the kids to leave it alone was the hardest bit lol

its so good to keep my independence and feeding myself gives me that plus my wife is so happy to see that im not going to give up that easy and want to keep trying doing things on my own with these machines :)

30th March 2013, 16:09
That's good;
I bought a second hand standing electric wheelchair and it has given me so much independence over the last 9 months and my proformer bed allows me to get up and save my wife's back. There are many devises that can make a lot of difference but unfortunately many are expensive.
Happy eating, Love Terry

30th March 2013, 17:06
Well done for not giving in ! The gadgets look great and glad to see you are getting on well with them.
At first I thought you had pinched some props from the American TV series 'Elementary' based on our Sherlock !

Have a great Easter to you and Terry !


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