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7th April 2013, 21:58
Hi All
Mum quite poorly now and is having real problems sleeping which is having a huge impact on all of us. Whilst she was in hospital having her Peg tube fitted she was prescribed a sleeping tablet which had a really good effect but since she has returned home her GP has refused to prescribe them for two reasons. Reason 1 is because of addiction and reason 2 because he said that when he gets audited they will not look at my Mums diagnosis of MND they will just see another patient on sleeping tablets. I am absolutely aghast at this, he finally prescribed Temazepam but wont release the prescription until he has had an email from her Neuro Nurse to tell him that Mum definately needs some sort of night sedation or something for the anxiety. I would think that addiction is the least of my Mums worries now that the demons are coming out to play at night.
Has anyone else had difficulty with either night sedation or any anxiety medication? I would be very grateful for your advice and input.
Many thanks Kate

7th April 2013, 22:30
Hi Kate

Sorry to hear that your Mum is so poorly now. My husband had dreadful problems at night . He was prescribed diazepam by our GP on the recommendation of the hospice nurse.. This came as an elixir I could put down the PEG. After a short time this did not work as well as it had...apparently you become accustomed to it and need an ever larger dose. To get over this the hospice consultant came to see us and recommended amitryptilene. This can be given down the PEG and the dose adjusted alongside the diazepam. Our GP gave this on prescription. Do you have the support of a hospice nurse? If you do ask them to help you by speaking to your GP. If you do not have the hospice team try and get them involved...we found them to be invaluable. Our nurse liaised with the doctor and made things as easy as they could be for us. I know how difficult nights can be and I send you my love and wishes for some restful sleep and peace to your Mum

Lyn xx

8th April 2013, 11:47
Hi Kate,

Lyns advice is good, my hospice team have helped me with pain management and other problems I have, they are expert at dealing
With conditions unlike many GP s although I'm lucky on that front, sounds like your budget minded ageist doctor is out of touch.
Hope you reach a solution for your mum.

Best wishes.


8th April 2013, 13:18
Hi Kate;
I agree with both Roy and Lyn, the hospice look after the person by giving pain relief and helping rest. There are quite a few different sleeping tablets out there. I think that Temazepam is a little different to most and my doctor is reluctant to prescribe because of the expense and availability. I tend to use it every forth night and find it relaxes my muscles and normally helps sleep.
I think that your doctor needs to understand how the decease affects people, not only your mum but the carer as well. If mum does not sleep her quality of live is probably lower than zero and the carers is bad as well. I can understand the addiction problem but to refuse her anything must be wrong. Even if they were taken every other night it would improve the situation. I have four different types of sleeping tablets, I but I only take occasionally.
I would get back to the doctor and try and put a stronger case and perhaps look at different tablets on alternate nights with a space between.
Hope you get it sorted, love Terry

8th April 2013, 16:40
Hi everyone
Thank you so much for your input. Since I posted I have spoken to the Palliative care nurse who has referred us to Macmillan also the neuro nurse is visiting Wednesday so hopefully we should improve the situation soon. Its been a steep learning curve alright, I am disappointed with the GP as both my Mum & Dad have been on his books for many years but i'm afraid he has a bit of an attitude problem which came to the fore when we requested a home visit a few months ago, since then he has not been near & my Mum is reluctant for us to ask him for anything.
I will let you know how it goes, thanks again for your help
Kate xxx

8th April 2013, 17:55
Good luck Kate;
A hospice type connection would seem your best bet. Try not to let your doctor get away with things and maybe see about changing him. They are there to help us, we pay their wages. Most of us have lived a healthy life stile and got Mnd, it has come about by us taking to much alcohol, drugs or smoking.
I'm getting a bit out of my pram today, I guess it's because I lost money on the bike race yesterday.
Love from a bad loser, Terry

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