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11th April 2013, 18:57
My posting rights are back if this is posted.

This is my only communication channel to anyone who can help. Naturally having yesterdays posts removed left me very stressed.

MNDA have contacted the statutory authorities and I am receiving protection.

I will not comment further on that incident.

Yesterday's message was thank you John and all who echoed my cry for help. Again, thank you MNDA for contacting the authorities.

11th April 2013, 19:08
WELCOME BACK GRAHAM, you are a great asset to this forum. You have so much knowledge and experience on the subject. Do you have anyones email so if this happens again you can still contact us.
Respect and Love from Terry

(M.r not quite so Angry)

11th April 2013, 19:40
All the best to you Graham, good to know you are safe. Hope you will be home soon enough.

CC x

11th April 2013, 20:21
this was a weary welcome news from U.
Glade to hear this.....all best XXX

11th April 2013, 23:20
Glad to have you back on the forum Graham.


12th April 2013, 00:09
Glad to have you back Graham I was quite worried when I read your post the other day x

12th April 2013, 00:28
Hi Graham,

Like you looking forward to some really good news of your safe return back home.
In the mean time wishing you safety and comfort where you are,that the considerate people
are looking after you in the meantime.


12th April 2013, 15:16
Whoa, slow down,is this Graham or just a ploy to find out who his allies are,anyway I don't give a damn, I am with you Graham if this is your post? Warmest Regards Bob

12th April 2013, 19:15
Thank you for the welcome back. The show will go on.

Is this a contradiction?

The MNDA have a duty of care for pwMND, but posting details of abuses is a breach of rules!

12th April 2013, 21:41
Hello Graham,

really good to hear from you again, and hope the solution to getting you home with good quality care is a lot closer . I think I understand the Rules bit !! Though it seems one sided , but if you can get the protection you need ,then it's a price worth paying. I am looking forward to you posting from a better place and wish you well and it's not long before thing change for the better, its been a very long and difficult time for you ,let's hope it all gets sorted very soon.


14th April 2013, 12:24
Still not sure,is this really you? what are the 39 steps? where is Rory?

14th April 2013, 12:49
Hi Bob,

Well don't know for certain like you , it's all a bit cryptic and I ain't bright enough to solve those, on a lighter note ,did you manage to get your sparks to fix your riser ?


14th April 2013, 13:04
Hi Bob n Pete,

Had problem with my riser, had to use jet power instead.

Have a great day.


14th April 2013, 14:15

Same to you mate, How about Rory going AWOL, he has much to answer for now !!!!


15th April 2013, 00:55
Hi Bob,

<Wearing Stetson's>, 'My wigwam only send smoke signal when buffalo broken'.

Rory not seen few moons with squaw Rushing Waters?

15th April 2013, 01:15
Hi Graham, glad you are in good spirits.
Rory is looking in but not posting. Have tried to send a pm but his in box is full so cannot get through to him. Hopefully it is just a temporary absence.


15th April 2013, 13:08
Still not sure if someone is impersonating you Graham,or have they given you the treatment like in *One flew over the cuckoo's nest*
Have a look at this www.askflick.com Regs Bob

17th April 2013, 23:11
Tissssssssssss truly I Bob, the ssssssssssssnake bite injection they gave me didn't work.

28th April 2013, 00:40
Hi Graham,

I see yet again all your posts have been removed,does this mean you are finally out of the hospital you have been subjected to for 8 months,
or have you made comment of inadequate care which is strictly prohibited, either way my friend just to say we still have you in our thoughts,
I truly wish we could do something to help you get out and back home with help.

You take care.


29th April 2013, 01:37
Hi Roy,

Hope you are getting by with this god-awful condition. [Some content removed] I am still receiving 'treatment' in hospital. No sign of my care plan being put in place. Now into 9th month.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the pm. Been really down, sorry for no reply.

29th April 2013, 13:47
Hi Graham,Pat and I ,and I know everyone on here feels your frustration,yeah it gets me down to,but there is the NP001 to look forward to later this year a little light,aye.Then we can have that party,I am sure the NHS will foot the bill,be glad to be rid of us.
Warmest Regards Bob

30th April 2013, 15:41
Hi Bob,

Time to put the Champers on ice! Brainstorm have a CURE!

Looking forward to us all singing, 'We are forever blowing bubbles, blowing bubbles everywhere, NOT'

2nd May 2013, 19:56
Only when I laugh.

In a crestfallen voice, "Have you got any more surprises for me today?"

"Wor d'ya meeen?", replies the young gun of a nurse.

Before he gets chance to reply, Charly croaks with glee, "Doc just shoved his finger up his arse"

2nd May 2013, 20:02
Hi all
Sad to see your plight continues Graham - the last nine months must be like waiting for the baby to arrive - without the initial pleasure !
must say that if it was you having the baby then the media would make give you millions for the story and that could fund a cure !

Whatever cure is just around the corner , I will have a drink tonight - no use in delaying celebrations is there ?

I only hope the drug is soluble or in liquid form so I can feed it through the RIG !



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