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12th April 2013, 10:29
Morning all, hope you are easing into the day,
I just wondered if anyone had heard from Rory, he hasn't posted for a few days now........maybe he's composing a major posting to include motorbikes, motorboats, swimming pools and wind generation!
On the other hand, I hope he hasn't got some infection and is in hospital or something....
The sun is meant to come out very soon isn't it, but down here in the big smoke it's very dull and been raining all night!
sent with love
Debbie XXXX

12th April 2013, 11:13
hi Debbie,

Yes I was thinking the same, it's very quiet without him , just hoping he is ok, I am sure Roy would have posted if he knew anything, then again knowing Rory , he is most probably of on his Yacht somewhere sunny !!!!.


12th April 2013, 11:13
Hi Debbie,
Rory hasn't been on FB lately so not sure.


12th April 2013, 11:21
Hi All,
Rory's profile says his last activity was yesterday at 7.57 am. I would have thought ordinarily he looked in more often than that.


12th April 2013, 15:02
I reckon the Gestapo have got him,or he's rallied the SAS and gone on a covert mission up North.

12th April 2013, 16:06
Rory has fallen off the naughty step.

12th April 2013, 16:16
I was just thinking the same thing. The banter that goes on between you all keeps me smiling. Hope you are all having a good day. Diane

12th April 2013, 17:07
Hi everyone,

I think I may have solved the mystery...


Golf day + alcohol + Rory's gone missing = Only one answer!

12th April 2013, 18:06
Thanks Andrew,

Rory is on the good boy step, credit to Rory and the loverly Irene.

Hope you two had a smashing time.

12th April 2013, 18:40
Hi all, well now I've seen the picture.....it explains a lot...that bottle of wine is proportionately larger than your every day 75cl size......he's in a hedge by the road somewhere if he put that lot through his peg at one sitting!
I tweet too,..... I'm not an owl though!!!
John, you are a clever detective....hopefully all is well and all your answers have provided a laugh, which we could all do with today.
ending with a quick joke
man is in the stalls in row D seats 3,4,5 he is not moving even when the usher goes and says, sorry sir you can't take up 3 seats, he doesn't speak........eventually when none of the ushers can get a response from him, they call the police and a policeman comes over to him and says 'Sir, where are you from?' and he groans and then replies.....'The 'Circle' !
I am rubbish at telling jokes!!!

18th April 2013, 16:50
hi all
Sorry*I have been *'missing' for the past few days - and thank you for the kind comments!
Monday week ago , I went to Kempton Park *to see the nags race with brother and a couple of hockey mates - great fun.

Tuesday, rest and sorting out my golf day for Friday, much the same on Wednesday - charging batteries!

Thursday - early appointment at the hospital - but when I went to get in the car , I feel over onto the Tarmac - no real problem but Irene could not lift me. A couple of neighbours arrived and all was sorted. No damage done to Tarmac - only issue was Irene's hair getting damp in the drizzle - not dribble !
My SAS (santagen and slippers) *training had taught me how to fall from 5000 feet without parachute and without hurting. As they used to say, the fall doesn't hurt, it is only when you stop!

Hospital went OK - breathing unchanged ( still through mouth and nose) muscles weakening - hence the fall , and still biting tongue , cheek and lips , so looks like going ahead with Botox or some other assistance. Doctor checked my body for any damage - she has lovely hands !

Then onto N Chingford to stay overnight at the Premier Inn next to the Royal Epping golf club in readiness for the Fridays event - the Merchy Mug for all my mates for a days fun and to raise money for MNDA. it is the 4th such event since my illness forced me to give up work.

About 20 stayed on Thursday - by the state of them , they were not going to be amongst the prizes the next day !

Up*early Friday for a feed ( feeling quite tired ) and then the troops arrived for bacon roll and coffee. A wet day but all enjoyed the golf and we raised nearly 6500 - superb effort - for MNDA research and a small amount for our local hospice. Including generous donations and Barclays 4 match up to 750.
52 players and another 12 drinking only !

About 25 stayed over on Friday night - somehow , I don't think they were here for the golf !

Saturday , early feed, then off to Wembley for the first FA Cup semi final - with 3 old school mates. brother and mate ! Great fun , banter , footy was good and then home about 9.45pm !
Sat near Bob Crowe - funny that, the tubes worked without a delay in sight ! I had to restrain my mate from going up to him and asking if he was Cheryl Crowe !

Sunday - rest day? No , early feed and then off to the second semi. - Chelsea v Man City - with 5 old Barclays mates - another day of fun and banter and a great game of footy.

Got home about 8.30 pm - feeling rather tired !

Monday - slept most of the day

Tuesday - sleep all morning and having to endure 5 hour coughing fit ! Friends round for supper - slept well

Yesterday - still tired but feeling good and spent most of the day*answering emails re golf day which everyone thought a great success - largely thanks to my friends and massive organisation from my wife , Irene !

Today - hope to catch up with the usual suspects on the forum and just had more toys delivered - hoist, commode, ramp etc .

Life is great - a little ambitious at the weekend but thoroughly worth it ! Make it happen !

Hope all of you are well - will start reading forum posts now I have some time !



18th April 2013, 17:19
Glad to hear from you, everyone was getting worried, your playmates were getting concerned. You have really had a busy time, great news about the money raised. Obviously sport is a great passion of yours. Take care. Diane

18th April 2013, 17:20
He's back! He's back! He's back!!
He's been to see the quack,
But he gave the quack the chop
At 200 a pop
I'm not saying he's to blame
I'd probably do the same!!

18th April 2013, 17:39
Rory, Glad to see you back on the forum. Sounds like a lot of action!

18th April 2013, 18:57
Hi Rory,
and here I was feeling sorry for you.

Good job I didn't waste any money sending flowers.


19th April 2013, 00:44
How wonderful to raise lots of money whilst having fun....I'm exhausted after reading all that activity Rory........you're just a fun guy....are you going to have a quiet week this week or will you be off galavanting again......perhaps you could start a series.....call it something catchy like On The Road with Rory...

Soooo glad you were having fun.......was ever so slightly worried about you, but did think that Irene would have let us know if anything untoward had happened.

I expect she will need a holiday now....or at least retail therapy.....coiffure, manicure, pedicure and spring wardrobe update!

23rd April 2013, 03:29

No flowers please !
say it with flowers - I bought the missus some Trifids the other day !

Debbie -don't encourage Irene - all those activities are part of her usual day !

Yes that bottle of wine (along with 3 more) was a memorable lunch / afternoon - trouble is I can't remember anything of it !

Cheers all


23rd April 2013, 16:13
Hey , I thought of an idea for a cure for all PBP sufferers who have lost their voices.
Bob mentioned the Gestapo in a previous comment and they were perhaps on to a cure
Remember the saying -

"Wee have ways of making you talk !"

Anyone any connections ?

I am not sure about Roy in black leather outfit though !


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