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24th February 2011, 01:09
Hi all
Considering my mum has not been able to cook for 5 months i did a trawl around veggie organisations for ideas that could be useful for people that are on a softer diet with MND. i was sent some suggestions that i could post up if anyone is interested. Obviously i cant guarantee that any of the recipes would be suitable as i understand that eating etc varies with people. But i will ensure that any recipes dont have things that my mum finds hard to eat such as salads, fruits, peas/beans, soft bread etc.

Also- i note that the PEG feeds are available in soya

There is a charity (vegetarian for life) and they provide financial support for elderly vegetarians and vegans to promote quality of life and health eating (although dont think many vegans have asked for help. If anyone wants their details i can post it up- (done it already: http://www.vegetarianforlife.org.uk/

We did recieve the MND recipe book :)


Robyn Copley-Hirst
24th February 2011, 03:39
Hi Luce,

Is your Mum a veggie or a vegan? Has she had to change her choice of diet because of difficulty finding recipes or food ideas? I have a copy of the recipe book in my desk and there are some great ideas in it as a starting block.


28th February 2011, 11:54
I too have problems with certain foods and through experimenting can offer a few ideas. Some fruits that I can't eat raw are OK if cooked eg. plums and apples; I can eat kiwi uncooked; I can't get on with bread (it sticks to the roof of my mouth) but am OK if it is toasted - not sure why!; I mash potatoes with carrots and parsnips. My yummy treat is similar to cheesecake - I use crushed digestive or ginger biscuits with melted butter, leave in the fridge for a couple of hours then add Greek Yoghurt to which I have added honey and lemon zest/juice (or any other juiced fruit). I had given up on salads but recently found that if I combine chopped leaves or chopped tomatoes with something more solid, it sometimes works! Hope some of this is helpful.

4th March 2011, 00:11
Thanks Robyn and Miranda

I printed the doc for mum so she has had a read and we have some ideas, ta. Mum is the same with you and bread Miranda- will try cooking some fruit as so far we have only tried juicing them. I did go shopping for fruit puree a few months ago but mum didn't want to eat them then.

Robyn- mum isn't veggie or vegan however i am one of a network of people that cook meals for her i just wanted some ideas as i dont cook meat (dont worry all you meat eaters she has friends and family who cook meat for her so she isn't going without). However mum does like lots of the vegan food that i prepare for her but as her MND has progressed many of the dishes that we both ate together are no good because of tongue and swallowing problems.

I did contact the vegan society and Vegetarian and vegan foundation a couple of months ago for suggestions and i was sent a document entitled soft foods for the elderly and also the vegetarian for life catering guide, and also some recipe advice. I think i will forward the emails to MNDA in order that they have the info if veggies/ vegans with MND enquire.

all the best

Robyn Copley-Hirst
4th March 2011, 11:32
Thanks for the reply, Luce.

I had wondered if she'd felt she had to change her diet because of lack of info or food choices etc.

If you email me the info I'll be happy to pass it into our Care Information Co-ordinator. But you're welcome just to email it in generally and it will find its way to her :). I forwarded your link the other day from the vegetarian for life site to our team in case we had a call or enquiry where it might be useful.


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