View Full Version : Is a ventilator the same as a bi pap machine?

13th April 2013, 12:59
Just looking through past posts about coughing I was wondering if a ventilator was the same as a bi pap machine? Somebody posted that since they had started using the ventilator they had better nights without coughing.
where's the sun?

13th April 2013, 14:53
Hi Debbie,

Down our way pretty much any assisted breathing device gets labelled a ventilator , from nebuliser to a full vent, so I am sure those who use one will know better, as for coughing I think it very much depends on what causing the cough, in my case as its been from the start its the sticky stuff !! , so any device that drys your mouth and throat is going to make that worse I would have thought, I use a nebuliser with saline only and that helps with loosening the yucky stuff but it's getting it out that's the second problem , sorry for those eating while reading but if it gets really dire I resort to making myself vomit,,!!! gross,,yes I know but it really does move it and that came from my beloved salt ,


13th April 2013, 19:06
thanks Pete, it sounds like you could get benefit from the suction machine......my sis was sticking the toothbrush down her throat to bring up the much or yuckous as we call it.....so she was doing what you do really, but now that she is using the suction machine that helps a lot and its pipe is very thin so it goes down quite far......maybe you would consider it...
look forward to a brighter day tomorrow
Debbie xxxx

25th April 2013, 23:14
Hi Debbiw
Yes, I think the ventilator is the same as a bipap machine.
The ventilator ,for me, is to keep the lungs active and working by forcing oar ( iie and oxygen) into the lungs to compensate for the weakening muscles around the lungs. I used it to start with at night to get over the trouble breathing lying down but use it quite a lot durin the day now.
I tend to find it helps dry out the mouth and may in turn stop coughing?
I use the nebuliser very rarely to loosen the gunge as it seems to flow quite well on it's own !

It does make a good broth for these cold spring days ! Ooh errr - back on the naughty step !

Hope all is well


Xx. !

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