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15th April 2013, 14:06
Hi everybody,

My dad has been introduced to the tobii eye gaze today and was very disappointed as there was a problem with calibration - apparently due to his glasses. It was a frustrationg experience for him. We are very worried now and wonder what we can do. Is there any one who can advise?

Many thanks,

15th April 2013, 17:13
Hi Sophie

My mum had a similar issue where because she wore glasses the eye gaze technology did niot really work for her. Instead she used something that involed sticking these sticker like dots onto her glasses and then moved the cursor around the screeen by moving her heard rather than her eyes. I am sorry but i can't remember the precise name of the gadget - just that it was a lot cheaper than the equivalent eye gaze gadget! The only downside was that she found it really tiring to use and it is reliant on sufficient head control - which thankfully for my mum was not really an issue.
sorry i can't be more help.

15th April 2013, 19:21
It is called Track-IR Head Mouse System. This info comes from the Abilitynet website. I have seen it in action and it works quite well but does require the use of your neck muscles. I have also seen the eyegaze system work with glasses. I guess it depends on what glasses you wear.
For some people whose only, or most reliable, movement is with their head or eyes a head or eye operated mouse may be the best solution.
Head operated mice use either a reflective dot (usually placed on glasses) or rely on the tracking of head movement. Both offer accurate mouse operation.
Eye operated mice track the movement of the pupil. Whilst quite accurate these systems can be very costly (many thousands of pounds).
Both systems can be used in conjunction with on-screen keyboards. A switch is normally used to do the equivalent of a mouse click.

16th April 2013, 09:51
Hello Rainbow and Terry,

Thank you so much for your very helpful replies - we are now looking into the different options.
You have been a great help.

All the very best,

June Drysdale
16th April 2013, 18:12
Hi Sophie

My husband was given a communication system yesterday works with a small round silver sticker put on his glasses.Can also be placed on his forehead.

Named SmartNav by naturalpoint.

Wullie my husband picked it up very quickly he is now getting the TV,SKY,DVD & our front door linked to it.
Happy days for me as I am fed up trying to find some thing on TV for him to watch.

The system also lets him use the internet & has kindle on it.

Kind regards June

17th April 2013, 06:22
Hi June,

Thank you for replying - this is really helpful! Will find out more about this.
All the best,

19th April 2013, 22:56
Can thoroughly recommend Smartnav. MND association used to have some that they loaned out through ability net. Not sure what the system is for loans now, but it gave us a chance to try it out first.

19th April 2013, 23:01
Thank you very much, Jules - this is very helpful to know.
I appreciate your reply!

Best wishes,

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