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15th April 2013, 20:29
Peter is pretty dependant upon his NIV machine and uses it when he sleeps/rests during the day as well as at night. His hand function is very poor and it is difficult for him to switch it on and off. Has anyone any idea of how we might tackle this one. This is me always wanting to know I can cope with the next step rather than an urgent problem.


15th April 2013, 21:08
Hi Magic;
You can get remote control plugs that operate by something like a key thob. They are available from Mapin and other stores. I have used them for over a year to control a heater, fan, radio, light and other devices from my bed. I am sure that there are other ways of overcoming the problem like by using environment controls on PC or I pad.
Love Terry

16th April 2013, 05:31
Thanks that's great. I will look into it.


18th April 2013, 16:15
Thanks for that Terry and for Magic raising the issue.
It is a problem I have now started to encounter - the use of the bell is driving my missus mad !

Best wishes


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