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27th April 2013, 21:13
Hi peeps
Does anyone have any words of wisdom to offer on the subject of crutches please?
I have a slowly progressive form of mnd and am still reasonably mobile some 5 years after the first symptoms. I have been using crutches for a couple of years but am becoming more dependent on them. As a consequence and in combination with increasing muscle loss in my hands, the grips are very uncomfortable and actually quite difficult to hold. They are a soft foam so not the average hard grey nhs standard grips.
I'm considering a move to some more anatomically shaped hand grips (more flattish shape that fits in the palm) and would appreciate any opinions on whether this is likely to be a bit more comfortable.
Incidentally I have tried the awesome SmartCrutch but they are too heavy for me.

27th April 2013, 22:40
Hi Hazzle;
Welcome to the forum. I know bike gloves sometimes had jell pads. You can get zimmer frames and walkers with arm rests that would take most of your weight, I think that they are called gutter or trough type. Have a word with your OT and it might be good to get in touch with the wheelchair services and try to get power wheelchair if you have not got one already.
Hope it helps, Love Terry

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