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8th May 2013, 23:46
I'm not sure that this exactly comes under equipment and medication....but it is about helping to stay strong. I phoned MNd Connect today and they told me about this powder that you can add to food and pureed food for the PEG...it's called duocal and if you look on www.myduocal.com you get info and recipe suggestions. It is for small children as a boost of calories when they have small tummies and so was recommended for my sis...you know how anxious I am about her loss of weight. Well through pureeing and sieving her food before 'Pegging' she has maintained her weight for nearly 5 weeks now and with this powder (you have to get it prescribed by the GP) it could boost her calorie intake and mean that she may be able to put a little weight on. The advisor also told me that you can get Gaviscon in a tin in powder form for PEG that again you need a 'script for, and it is easy on your tummy and helps if you get reflux or indigestion, just like the tablets or medicine.
So if any of you bulbars are still eating by mouth, you could ask for this duocal and see if it helps with your weight. Pete it may be good for you...or you may already use it.
hope this is useful,

9th May 2013, 00:54

Thanks for the info on that. interestingly has coconut oil as an ingredient so might add this to my larder.


9th May 2013, 09:53

What sun factor is the coconut oil ?

9th May 2013, 10:20

What sun factor is the coconut oil ?

Depends where you live Rory, if in Scotland then probably a sun block.

9th May 2013, 22:31
Oh Laila I didn't notice that.....and I have been wanting to get coconut oil for my sis, but I am afraid that it will be too much for her. She is such a fighter and she takes all the stuff that I hear about and get, and I was thinking, maybe I will get some coconut oil next week and see if it makes any difference....so thanks for that, I'll have a look on the duocal site now myself.
And Rory you know you can massage it ...into your muscles...it's meant to be very good...just ask Roy, he's got a smile on his face....now no naughty thoughts.....or it'll be back on the step for you!

10th May 2013, 12:25
Be warned!! The smallest amount gave me an exploding rear end!

10th May 2013, 12:47
Hi Debbie;
I have heard of problems taking coconut oil before, so give it in small amounts to start with. Perhaps try about 5ml in the morning with breakfast for a few day and then 5 ml in evening as well. I probably have about 30ml a day but I eat well and am quite active.
Not a cure but it should have some benefit and maybe lower cholesterol.
Good luck, Terry

10th May 2013, 16:01
Thanks for the heads up Terry and Miranda or maybe in this case it's a bottoms down! I won't be getting the coconut oil for her to put through the peg, I think it's best if she sees how she gets on with the duocal powder that as Laila noticed has coconut oil in it, but not much
thanks again

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